Saturday, May 21, 2011

ATC: Doubles Tourney

Jay and I played nids and nids in the doubles event today. 64 genestealers, 3 zoans, 6 hive guard, 3 tervigons, 10 gaunts .

First game was against the wrecking crew's TPM and Manboygenious (spikey bitz) with dual BA; Sanguinor, meph and several assault squads with priests.  we drew on a 5 objective game.  Not bad considering these two were on the first place team at adepticon this year.

Second game was against a guard list with manticore, PBS, hydras, and two vendettas allied with wolves with jaws priest, grey hunters, and long fangs,  we barely won capture and control and table quarters.

Third game was against fully mech DE and BA for modified KP.  We won that one by a bunch.

So we finished the event with 2 wins and a draw against some really nasty lists.  We didnt get many battlepoints though so we tied for 3rd or 4th.  Tomorrow is the main event with 4 games, ten 2 more Sunday.


  1. Nice job! Chortling mightily at what it must be like to face 64 stealers ;)

  2. Great show, especially since you won that nids hate those armies :)

  3. Thanks guys. Yeah 64 stealers are no joke.

    The game against SW/IG was actually one of the easier ones. We went first with spearhead deployment and took out the priest's rhino right away with hive guard. Jay outflanked 14 and 10 genestealers and rolled their deployment side both times so they were dealing with stealers all game. My dice were off all game though peaking with 6 stealers vs the lone priest and rolling 0 wounds. By the end of the game, we had killed 2 vendettas, 1 hydra, 4 rhinos, 3 units of grey hunters, and the priest that was on turn 4 when time ran out. 6 or 7 turns would have seen no IG or SW left on the table.

    I have 38 stealers in my 2000pt list today and tomorrow and after last night, it may feel like not enough haha!

  4. 64 Genestealers ?

    That...that's just wrong....

  5. That is a TON of stealers. Scary!

    Nice job today and good luck with the rest of the event. Looking forward to some pics and battle reports.

  6. Oh, yeah! Waiting for batreps!
    I'm gonna play "stealershock" on next weekend's tourney, so I'm extremely interested.