Saturday, May 21, 2011

ATC Main Event Day 1

Our team consists of:
Shaun Kemp (ETC 2010, 2011) horde orks with Ghaz
Jay Woodcock (ETC 2011) GK foot list with some of everything and 3 riflemen
Chris Courtney: Eldar with Eldrad and 1 of everything
Joe Johnson: Vulkan drop pods
Me: mixed nids  List #2 from my list evolution post

Round #1 I paired against orks with 4 rolla wagons, mek, and snikrot.  Short version is I won killpoints, objectives, and drew c&c for 25 of 30 points.  The team scored 115 of 150 max and we were in 2nd overall.

Round #2 we paired against Team Toledo which had 3 more of America's ETC team.  I got paired with Greg Sparks (inquisitor malice) and his footdar list with Maugan Ra, farseer, 10 wraithguard, 10 spiders, 2 units of avengers, war walkers, and 2 lords. I basically got tabled for a 0-30 loss.

Round #3 I got paired against a full mech BA list wth Meph and drew 15-15.  The team did well tho and scored 95.

Round #4 I requested a pairing with no psy defense and got Tau with 2 shasel with guards, 3x2 crisis teams, hammerhead, 2 kroot units, 4 broadsides, 3 pirhanas, and 2 FW squads in devilfish.  I won KP, c&c, and drew objectives for a 25-5 win.  The team scored 115 this round also.

So I finished the day 2-1-1 earning 65 of a possible 120.  The team earned 380 of a possible 600 but we're actually in 2nd overall after day #1 behind the BoLS team with goatboy (thomas), TPM (paul), darkwynn (nick), spikey bitz(rob), and next level painting (kenny).  First game tomorrow against them and game 6 should be against the Wrecking Crew.


  1. Congrats man, it sounds like you guys are doing very well.
    Not only that, but it also sounds like you guys are having a blast.
    Can not wait to see the pictures.

  2. Definately a lot of fun to be had. Also the most competitive games I've ever played. Very cool to meet a lot of the big names from prolific blogs and clubs such as BoLS, the Wrecking Crew, Blade and Bolter and alost every ETC member is here on one team or another.

    I've got a few pics of each game and nearly 20 batreps to write from my practice games, last week's rtt, and 9 games this weekend. They'll be shorter and less detailed than my normal ones due to time limits during tournaments forcing me to take less pics and notes. It'll be enough to grasp turn by turn movement tho.

  3. Can't wait to read what the maugan ra list did:)

  4. Yeah IDK if you know who Greg Sparks is but he's definately one of the top in America. He took first at our 100 man GT last year locally and generally does well wherever he goes.

    Basically he dooms one unit, guides war walkers with 24 str6 shots, and combined with wraith lords
    , Warp spiders and avengers, kills that unit. Wraith guard cause instant death at 12" so I could never reach him all game.

  5. Great job going 2-1-1! With 380 of 600 holding down second place, the competition must be pretty fierce. Good show - looking forward to reading the batreps.

  6. The team you mentioned is actually composed of three WC members and two BoLS members. :D


  7. Yeah I know but they registered as team BoLS hehe. You can bust Murphy's balls for losing to Courtney first round today too hehe.

  8. LordMonki, the Tau player, here. I had a great game with you sir.

    Your decision to infiltrate over outflank was interesting, and frankly, caught me off guard. It really hurt my castle deployment-wise. Having to focus shots on the steelers hurt too. Typically, the outflank buys me time to hit the MCs and push for the middle of the table. You denied me that and cornered me.

    Plus I'm not even going to talk about THAT genestealer. You know which one...

    Hope to play you again at some point.

  9. Hey Shannon! I have to thank you for the most enjoyable game I had all weekend. Some of those guys are so focused on winning the games were just not fun for me. Maybe I'm not cut out for competitive 40k I dunno.

    Anyways, thanks for the fun game sorry my lone genestealer couldn't fail a single cover save for 4 turns. I should have warned you my genestealers go into god mode the fewer I have on the table. I have a practice game to report where 4 stealers helped rescue my tyrant deathstar from 50 orks in assault.