Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ATC Adventure Chapter #3: Teaser

I'm not being lazy, I promise!

Currently, I'm painting about 4 hours a day and nearly finished with my main force.  Spawnable gants and bases are next on the list.  I'm also getting about 2 practice games a week which is nice.  I had a 2 month losing streak after the wedding which just reaffirmed how important practice is, but I've won my last two games which has really helped my morale.  However, I have been playing some of the best guys in the country so I can't expect to win every game heh.

I know you guys prefer battle reports above all my other content, I can see it in the blog traffic that has been suffering lately.  I can't blame you, it's my favorite content to write also.  It's were the rubber meets the road for list theory and execution.

I still can't post any vital information about my lists or those on the team, but I have some teasers from some of my recent epic battles.  Thanks for sticking with me during this stretch where my batreps have been absent.

*Disclaimer: These battles took place when my lists were still evolving and units contained may or may not represent my final army.  Not all of my opponents were members of the team, nor were they playing their final armies so don't think you can glean any super secret list info if you're spying!*


  1. Tyranid warriors fill in an interesting gap. I love Warriors. They are underestimated, and when paired with a prime and the right ranged weapons become really annoying to nasty of an opponent to deal with.

    Warriors are big enough to take on Space marines hand to hand and drop them. At th same time versitile in their own right and they are synapse.

  2. So true. The question is: since we are choosing my matches to a point, can I make warriors viable? Or will their inherent weaknesses in forcing my pairings hurt my whole team's performance?

    Str8+ and instant death are their main weakness, so can I avoid that in the pairing process? Seems to me that most competitive teams will have wolves, blood angels, guard, possibly grey knights and/or dark eldar all which have tons of str8...

  3. I love T Warriors but instant death really draws too much attention to them, so I tended to opt for Stealers instead.
    Recently I've started running them again and having some success with the pinning Barbedstrangler.

    On your pics it looks like you have some thing under the T Warrior bases.. Can I ask what it is?

  4. Every one of my models from gants up to tervigns and tfexs has metal washers glued to the bases. They add a lot of weight which prevents the small plastic guys from tipping over.