Monday, May 23, 2011

ATC Day 2 and Results

Well we finished yesterday with good news and bad news. It was a 14 hour drive back and I'm home and exhausted, but I'll give you a brief rundown.

The bad news is I had 2 losses on day 2.  My team captain threw me under the bus in game 5, pairing me with Goatboy and his SW with jaws intentionally.  I won first turn, but he seized and that was that.  I did manage to draw objectives and missed drawing KPs by 1 with a rhino pen but only a weapon destroyed result.

My final game was against a double mek kan wall with 9 kanz, 2 dreds, and 45 lootas.  I took first turn and managed to kill 4 kanz right away.  Over the next 4 turns, he rolled maximum shots for lootas 8 times and mowed down my hive guard and genestealers.  I had lootas in assault turn 2, but he was making his 6+ saves 75% of the time.  There were several occasions where my rends were the only wounds inflicted.  The same went for my cluster spines into his mobs where he once made 3 of 3 armor saves and 4 of 4 cover saves.  I killed 10 of his 11 walkers and the game ended with a tervigon penning the last kan but failing to destroy it for the draw on KP.  We drew on c&c and he had sg objectives.

Now for the good news.  By me taking matches others didn't want, my team did a lot better as a whole.  We finished 3rd overall behind Team Toledo who took 2nd and Wrecking BoLS who took 1st.  Chris our eldar player also took best general out of 75 players with 165 of a possible 180.  Joe our salamander player also took best appearance.

So there you have it, practice and tourney batreps will be streaming in over the next month.


  1. Did you have enough room for all the trophies?

    Great Job!

  2. Joe was the only one to win a trophy. Chris got a small space wolf army fully painted for best general. The team received a stack of boxes including a nemesis dreadknight, strike squad, 3 boxes of terminators, and a russ.

  3. Tons of prizes for a budding Tyranid player :)

    After getting dinged on appearance for lack of freehand in the last few GTs I've been to, I've resorted to using all my non-Tyranid winnings as things getting killed on my bases. Hopefully, it'll get me some freehand points.

    And that's great for Joe! I know that he really cares about the trophies. He earns em.

  4. "The bad news is I had 2 losses on day 2. My team captain threw me under the bus in game 5, pairing me with Goatboy and his SW with jaws intentionally."


  5. Also I lost two carnifexes and barely saved my tervigon from Jaws on Saturday. So stupid :(

  6. All about the matchups.. good team showing. Looking forward to the batreps.

  7. You did awesome bro !! You are a champion for sure !!

    : )


  8. It really was all about the pairings.

    I was less than pleased with my personal performance for the main event. However, I've only been playing 40k for 14 months now, still learning, and many of my opponents were more experienced than I.

    I'm doing some soul-searching now trying to analyze shortcomings in my list, tactics, and decisions during games. There was obviously room for improvement on all three fronts.

    I really have to give the team a pat on the back for doing so well despite me.

    Chris went 6-0 and earned 165 of 180 possible with an eldar list where the only duplicated unit was guardians. He played some really tough players including Paul Murphy (Wrecking Crew, Adepticon Team Champion 2011) and Bill Kim.

    Jay also went 5-0-1 with a GK list he had not practiced with for 155 of 180.

    You'll notice when I start posting battle reports that I'm losing almost every game. It's because I was playing against these giants in the world of 40k. I only hope that some day I can play as well as they do consistently.

    Something can also be said about our 5 armies. DaBoyz team placed 3rd overall without a single Space Wolf, Blood Angel, or Guard army. I'm still a bit foggy but I believe nearly every team we faced had a wolf list with jaws and a BA list with Mephiston. Most teams also brought a guard list. Shaun beat guard three times with his horde orks and Jay drew against Rob Baer's (BoLS, Spikey Bitz) looted guard.

    It was my first tournament outside of Rochester and wow, what a slap in the face it was in competitive levels. I'm even leary about giving any advice about competitive tyranid play for a while. Jay kept introducing me as a "better Nid player" than him, but I think he was just being nice hehe.

    Anyways, stay tuned for my practice games and tournament reports.

  9. It was a bad match up for you. It is the last event I plan on bringing out the Goats as I am just tired of playing the Wolves dex. And me seizing the initiative and throwing hurricane on that big blob of genestealers was just mean.

    Either way you were a great opponent and your army looked awesome.

  10. Thanks Thomas. That means a lot coming from you. I probably wouldn't have embarrassed myself so much if I knew the SW codex better, but we only have one local dedicated to wolves and I can count my games against the codex on one hand.

    Hope you guys can make it up to DaBoyz GT again this year. Jay is going to run a team event with the ETC/ATC format also.

  11. If the flights are the same and it is at the same time I should be there. No idea what I will bring though. Not Wolves and maybe not Grey Knights. It really depends on the comp etc or what is going on there.

    But yeah awesome army and good opponent. I felt bad about the having the dual Jaws. Usually it is just Living Lightning + Murderous Hurricane for me. All my other match ups the Jaws was meh (Except versus Chaos where I killed 2 Oblits???).

    I really wish I had my Grey Knights most of the time. Or hell Daemons.