Friday, May 13, 2011

ATC Adventure Chapter #4: The Home Stretch

Well, blogger was down for a while so sorry about that.  ATC is now 8 days away and I'm making the final push (and driving my wife crazy).  We had a loss as one team member encountered some unavoidable circumstances and we had to find someone else who was able to take 5 days off and travel.  Luckily, Doug volunteered and with only 3 days until final list submissions, we were back on track.  I've only had a chance to play Doug once, back in December 2010 and he beat me soundly.  He's also placed in the top 3 more often than not at our RTT's so I know he'll do well.

I've moved on to painting my new battlefoam display board and basing the army.  There just wasn't enough free time left to shade and highlight every single model, but everything will have its 3 color foundations.  I did finish all the genestealers so only 4 models and my spawned gaunts won't be fully shaded and highlighted.

Tomorrow (Saturday 5/14) is the 2,000pt primer tournament at Millennium and I hope to see all my New York followers there.  It would mean a lot to me and the rest of the team to see a strong showing of support in our final days to prepare.  Bring some terrain if you can!

June will be a huge month for battle reports.  I have photos from 6 practice games ready, I'll have 3 games to report from tomorrow's tournament, 3 games from the Dicehead Siege doubles tournament, 6 ATC games, and hopefully another 3 from June's RTT at Millennium.  I'll be releasing them rapid fire to bring some traffic and energy back to the blog.  Every 40k blog has their niche and I want synaps3 to be about where the rubber meets the road, where theory meets execution, and batreps will be the focus.

So stay tuned, there will be another light week or two and then more batreps then you can keep up with!  In the meantime, thanks for following and here are some more teaser shots from epic scenes during my practice games.

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