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Kill Teams: Chaos Marine vs Necrons

This past weekend I was able to get in a game of 40k with an old buddy of mine. We normally only get to see each other once or twice a year but this past weekend we were both invited to a wedding and he stopped over my place after the reception. I was showing him my new man cave/playing table and he mentioned that he would like to throw down a quick game before he had to leave. Since he did not have his models and we wanted to get in a quick game we decided we would play a kill team match and he would use my necrons.

For those who are not familiar with kill teams, the basic rules are:

200 pts per side with the following Force Org format: 0-1 Elites, 0-2 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack. No HQ's, Heavys, or flyers. You play on a 4x4 board and you must buy the models in a unit as per the respective codex but each models acts independently. You can also take up to three "special Rules" and apply them to the models of your choice but you cannot use the same special rules twice in your army. You can download the complete rules here.

My kill team:
5 Chaos Marines
- Aspiring Champion with Power Axe/Bolt Pistol and FNP
- Marine with plasma gun
- Marine with Bolter
- Marine with bolter
- Marine with Bolter

3 Chaos Terminators
- Aspiring Champion (leader) with Power Axe/Combi Bolter and Preferred Enemy
- Termiator with Power Axe/Combi Bolter and Rage
- Terminator with Power Maul/Combi Bolter

Chris's Kill Team
10 Necron Warriors with Gauss Flayer (one has shrouding)
1 Wraith (leader) with FNP
1 Wraith with Preferred Enemy

I would need to start my break tests after 4 casualties, he would need to start testing after 6 casualties.

We set up the terrain with as much city ruins as I could fit in and placed the objective in the center as the rules stipulate.

I win the roll of and deploy first. I place the termies in the center, 9 inches out from the center, and I split up the marines. The plasma and one bolter marine go on my left flank and one bolter marine goes on the right while the champion  and the last marine go near the termies. My goal is to march the termies up onto the objective and hope that the marines can shoot down the wraiths before they can get into the mix.

Chris deploys the wraiths on his right flank. I was thinking that he was going to place them in the center to counter my terminators. He then spreads the rest of the necrons behind the ruins.

He fails to seize initiative.

Turn 1: Marines

Movement: I move the terminators up towards the center. The plasma marine stays put but the bolter marine moves up a bit to get a shot on the wraiths. The marine on the right flank also move up a bit.

Shooting: My bolter marine gets a lucky shot and inflicts a would on the wraith with Preferred Enemy. The plasma marine tries to finish it off but he makes his invulnerable save.

Turn 1: Necrons

Movement: The wraiths move up towards my plasma/bolter marine. Not what I was expecting. I figured he was going to phase through the walls to grab the objective first.

Shooting: The necrons on his right flank shoot at the plasma marine and end up killing him. The leader wraith charges the terminator and makes it. The wounded wraith charges the lone bolter marine, who hits it on overwatch and the wraith fails its save and dies. Whoo hoo!

Assualt: The terminator goes first but fails to hit with the Power Maul. The wraith strikes back and inflicts a rending wound and I fail my invulnerable save.

Marines: 2
(First Blood(1), 1 Specialist killed(1))
Necrons: 0

Turn 2 Marines

Movement: My terminator rolls high enough to touch the objective within the ruins but the Terminator champion does not get far. The troop champion covers the back of the terminator champion while the other bolters marine on the left flank circles towards the wraith. The other marine on the right flank move to protect his front.

Shooting: The terminator champion downs 1 warrior. All other marine shooting is ineffective. Damaged necron stands back up at the end of the phase.

Assault: The aspiring CSM champion charges the wraith. The wraith goes first and causes a rending wound, killing the champion.

Turn 2 Necrons

Movement: All of the warriors move up. The ones near the center start climbing the rubble to make there way towards the objective. The wraith heads towards the terminator champion.

Shooting: All necron shooting is ineffective as the termies make all of their saves. The lone marine on my left flank is not so fortunate and dies to a gauss flayer.

Assaults: The wraith charges my terminator champion. I hit on overwatch and cause a wound! Both champions fail to inflict any wounds and combat is a draw.

Marines: 2
(First Blood(1), 1 Specialist killed(1))
Necrons: 3 (1 specialist killed(1), Forcing me to take a break test(2))

Turn 3 Marines

I pass my break test.

Movement: The remaining marines pull back toward the center.

Shooting: The marines are able to bring down another necron. The terminator on the objective fails to wound any warriors.

Assault: My terminator champion goes down to the wraith with another rending wound and a failed invulnerable save.

Turn 3 Necrons:

Movement: The warriors pour into the ruins with the objective and two end up base-to-base with the objective. The rest of the warriors encircle the ruins.

Shooting: The necron warriors outside of the ruins bring doen another marine. All of the warriors shooting at the last terminator fail to wound it.

Assaults: The wraith charges in on the last terminator and once again the lucky bastard rends my terminator and yet again I fail my invulnerable save.

Marines: 2
(First Blood(1), 1 Specialist killed(1))
Necrons: 7 (3 specialist killed(3), Forcing me to take a break test(2), leader killed(2))

Turn 4 Marines

I make my break test.

Movement: The lone marine backs up.

Shooting: He shoots at the wraith. I am hoping to bring it down for 3 extra points but it makes its saves.

Assaults: none

Turn 4 Necrons

Movement: The necrons on the right flank get into my deployment zone. More necrons move into the center ruins and the warriors on his left flank move forward.

Shooting: No shooting.

Assault: The wraith charges in and finished off my last marine.

Final Score:
Marines: 2
(First Blood(1), 1 Specialist killed(1))
Necrons: 11 (3 specialist killed(3), Forcing me to take a break test(2), leader killed(2), Linebreaker (1), Tabling me (3))

Ouch... necrons in kill teams are tough. I figured three termies would last against the warriors but his wraith leader was on fire with making rending wounds.

Kill teams are a fun way to play 40k on a small and relaxed scale. If you have yet to try these rules out I would strongly encourage you to try them out. Most games take under an hour to play and have a small model count. One thing that looks interesting in the rule packet is experience rewards for your leader. I think with some tweaking you could make a fun campaign or league event using the kill team format.  I cant wait to test my Tau list in kill teams.

XV Crisis suit with TL plasma, Fusion Gun - FNP
7 Fire Warriors (1 with shrouding, 1 with Shred on his pulse rifle)
10 Kroot with sniper rounds.

This list comes out to 200 points exactly and has a hefty model count.

What is your experience with Kill Teams and what kind of lists do you use?

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