Saturday, August 17, 2013

Warmaster's 40k Challenge

I want to discuss the next big event I plan to attend. It is approximately 2 months out and I need to plan for it to get everything painted in time.   Today I plan to discuss the event and lists I plan on bringing.  

The Warmaster’s 40K Challenge is located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It is only about a 3 hour drive and is the largest Warhamer tournament in Canada. They run 2 events a year; a Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K event. Since I have not played Fantasy for several years, I have never attended  their fantasy event but I have been to the 40K event several times. I have been to a lot of tournaments over my gaming career, but I believe this is best run event I ever been to. It not biggest, it does not have all crazy display boards like the AdeptiCon team event, but it has all things that make a great event.  Let tell you about the event.

The event takes place over two days. On Saturday they run a 2 person team event. Each person brings 1000 points each and they play 4 rounds with straightforward easy to understand missions. At end of that day they award several prizes for the team event. Sunday is the singles completion. You play another 4 games at 1600 points.  I love this format because you get a lot of games in on one weekend. Even with all the games the atmosphere is very relaxed. Maybe it is the people, or the fact the tournament organizers bring in food and drink so you don’t have to travel to find some. It could be the beer*.  After the singles event they give out some more prizes for that event. The cool thing about this event is they take the combined score of team and singles events and give out a Forgeworld prize. This is one of the coolest things about the event. This year’s Foreworld prize is Angron primarch of the World Eaters!


Disclaimer note: the beer in Canada has a higher alcohol content so every time you drink a beer in Canada it like drinking 2 in the US.

Here is the event info if anyone is interested. You won’t regret if you go!

September 21st, 2013 Doubles Tournament
September 22nd, 2013 Singles Tournament

Warhammer 40K Doubles Tournament
Warhammer 40K Singes Tournament

The Royal Canadian Legion, Waterloo Branch 530,
19 Regina St N.
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
N2J 3B8


Let’s get down to what I plan on bringing.

My list for the 1000 point team


On Jetbike with Shard of Anaris and Singing Spear 

Warlock on bike with singing spear

9x Windrider Jetbike Squad

6x Rangers 

8x Dire avengers

In Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser and Holofield


Total 1000 points

That is my list. I need to get some practice games in, but overall it a good list to start with. In looking at player packet; 3 out of 4 preliminary missions they posted are objective based. That is why I have a lot of fast moving scoring units. I am perfectly fine going second with this list. The wraithknight is good counter assault unit. The only item I think I lacking is anti-flyer, but I thinking my partner will be helping me out with that.

Mr. WraithKnight

My list 1600 point list


On Jetbike with Shard of Anaris and Singing Spear 

Warlock on bike and singing spear

5x Wraithguard

In Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser and Holofield

6x Rangers

10x Dire avengers

In Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser and Holofield

10x  Windrider Jetbike Squad

3x Windrider Jetbike squad

3x Windrider Jetbike squad

9x Warp Spiders

Fire Prims with Holofield

War Walker Squadron with Bright Lance and Scatter

I think this is good overall list. I am thinking there will be 3 objective missions, so troops will be key at this event. I will do some play testing and see if I need to change anything. What do you think?

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  1. I have always heard good things about this event. My driver's license is up for renewal this year and I plan on getting the enhanced license so that i can start going to Canada again. I hope to make the trip up north next year.