Thursday, November 22, 2012

synaps3 Becomes The Mandulian Chapel

Well, I hinted that changes were coming! 

This year has been a crazy one for me for sure.  You know some of the details if you've followed along.  Time management has become exponentially more challenging since the birth of my son.  I've also gone from one army to three over the past three years thanks to the generous prize support at the local monthly events and GT's I've had the pleasure of attending.  Some of you were sad to see my Tyranids fall from the spotlight as I tackled new armies and hobby projects, but some were also pleased to see the evolution of my painting and converting techniques.

The changing of the blog from synaps3 to The Mandulian Chapel is the next evolution.  The blog will no longer be about myself and my armies.  Now it is a group endeavor and the beginning of a new community of like minded individuals.  Chris (Crispy) and Erich (Calypso2ts) will be authors along side myself.  Some of you are already familiar with Chris as I've written articles about him and played a few games against him.  He is probably the most talented Tyranid player in Western New York and will be contributing on that front as well as with some Chaos and Fantasy content.  Erich is our most dedicated and successful local Daemon player so he will have some content from them as well as his personal passion for statistics and mathammer.  If you frequent the blog roll, you'll know him as the author of the Purple Reign blog.

Together, we hope to bring all of our readers a steady stream of quality content that continues to focus on theory, execution, battle reports, and hobby endeavors from our favorite war gaming universe.  I hope you all continue to follow and join in on the conversations.

For those who are curious about the title, we chose it from Grey Knight fluff about a specific location on Titan.  You can read some about it here.  The awesome banner art was done by Goatboy and represents the 3 paneled altar from the fluff.  Calypso2ts is the first monk standing over the Daemon, the second monk is myself (hyv3mynd) standing over the Grey Knight, and Crispy is over the Tyranid.


  1. Ah, great! It means more tyranids content in addition to Aarons awesome reports! I'm happy with this news:)

  2. I, as well, am looking forward to the changes! I'm also supremely jealous of the banner art... I want it...

  3. Best of luck and looking forward to new greatness!

  4. I hope we still get to read more battle reports with your lovely Dark Eldar


  5. The more the merrier :) Good to see more Xenos armies join the fray.

  6. Excellent news! Been a few days since I dropped by and thought I put the wrong address in at first. Looking forwards to some of Crispy's nid articles!

  7. Have not been keeping up with blogs. Checked on today and thought "Where am I?"

    Good luck with the format change, I will still be checking in.