Sunday, November 25, 2012

Care and Feeding of a Calypso2ts

For me it was a long road to eventually embrace wargaming.  My first flirtations with the hobby started in grade school when I received the board game Battle Masters as a gift.  I would later learn the game (which I still have) was created in conjunction with Games Workshop and I boldly fielded the Empire armies against the forces of Chaos - pronounced by me then with the CH as in a choo choo train.

The miniatures came as unpainted plastic models and I had built model planes with my father growing up - which prompted me to start painting them in the morning before school.  I am going to hazard that my painting then was top notch - but I have not looked at the minis in years.

Unfortunately, I soon ran out of opponents for Battle Masters as I switched into the dark ages of my life as a Magic player.  Emerging only after a trip to Europe where I saw a miniature at a local Games Workshop in Italy and thought 'I can paint this while my girlfriend (an art teacher) works on her art projects'.

From then on I was hooked and although I started as a Sisters of Battle player, I have largely abandoned the Sisters for my growing collection of Daemons. My Daemons started as a pure Slaanesh force and has evolved to include token representations of Tzeetch, Khorne and even Nurgle.  Overall, however, the entire force has a fleshy Slaanesh feel - a representative example of the army is the force I took to the Da Boyz GT.

At the Mandulian Chapel, Daemons will have the chance to be featured on Mondays - along with topics relevant to Daemon players or topics not relevant to Daemon players that I find particularly interesting.  Battle reports from Da Boyz GT and Team Event are soon to follow and Hyv3mynd, Crispy and myself are all slated to compete at the local championship in Rochester this December.  My background in mechanical engineering means I am especially interested in the mathematics that drive the game - from probability and statistics of rolling, unit comparisons or mathematically driven strategy - and I plan to hit on that theme over the course of my posts as well.

More importantly, I am interested in continuing to expand the Warhammer community and provide a bit more continuity in sharing the Western/Upstate New York gaming community.


  1. Wilkommen, bienvenue! What in the world did you use to make that display board? Spray foam? It's freaking outstanding!

    1. Hyv3 has it about right in terms of the display board. I actually went through 2 cans of spray foam and I built it up. My original concept was to have platforms floating in it, but I realized that they would need more bracing to remain straight as the foam exapnded to fill in the gaps.

      I actually have some other terrain I made while I had some extra, so I plan to post up a tutorial on how it was done. The painting aspect is a bit less exciting, I am married to an art teacher so we had about 8 shades of purple spray paint that I layered up on it.

  2. The photo doesn't do the display board proper justice.

    I've been using spray foam biscuits for terrain but I can't imagine a project that size. It has several platforms embedded and several tiers and levels. Must have been done in several steps. It got tons of attention at the GT.

    Maybe we can convince Calypso2ts to do a tutorial. I bet it would be easy to make one suitable for tyranids also.

  3. Hi, Calypso.
    I'm Erle from Belarus. I'm reading Aaron's blog for a long time already and I'm happy to see more valuable content here:) As I'm fond of math statistics, I hope to get some food for my brains from your posts:)
    I love you display board. Can you post some more photos of it? Tutorial will be great! I want to create something like this for my tyranids.

    1. Thanks for the compliment on the board! Your thought about using the same approach for Tyranids is one of the most common comments I heard on the board. I will definitely do a tutorial - I have some maintenance to do on the existing board that I can pull in as well - this was a two day project the week preceding the GT so I neglected to get enough in proces pictures.