Tuesday, November 6, 2012

GT Week ~ The Home Stretch

Just a quick update as I put in the finishing touches on the army for DaBoyz GT this coming weekend.  I'm using every spare second to paint at this point so my commentary will be short.  Here's an army pic minus the rangers (still WIP) on their display board (still needs washes).

 The grotesques are still my pride and joy.  Maugan and Malys to their left.

Here's my counts-as icarus lascannon manned by kabalite warriors.

Wyches and their venom.

Beastmasters and their beasts.  By far my favorite unit on the table.  Blue Razorwing "flock" on the left.  Clawed fiend is the purple one.  Khymerae are the hounds.

And a name plate for the display board.  If you come out to this GT, make sure to stop by and say Hi.  Thanks for everyone that has followed along.  I'll be back after the GT with some pretty exciting content and changes to the blog.


  1. Such a gorgeous army - hope to see it in person someday. Love the patterning on the venom. G/L at the GT!

    1. Thanks Ghostin ~

      I hope to make it down to NOVA eventually, I just have no idea if that will be anytime soon with the new financial situation around here. I've really started second guessing the build as I watch the meta develop at other national events, so there's no guarantee this army will be NOVA worthy anyways lol.

      I'll make sure to take lots of pics throughout the weekend.

  2. Aaron,

    Everything came together quite nicely. I can't wait to see it in person. You should be proud.

    As an aside, I am also showing off my newly completed army at the GT. It looks pretty sweet with a lot of subtle conversions. Legion of the Damned anyone?

    Are you going to be playing in the team event on Friday? If so, see you there.

    1. Thanks Brandon. I am mostly proud hehe. I'm also my own biggest critic so while it's definitely my best army to date, I still see flaws and room for improvement.

      I've seen the dread teasers for the LotD army on your blog, I'll have to see the whole thing this weekend.

      I will indeed be playing in the team event. A few local guys got together with some really fun lists. We're rocking daemons, CSM, and tyranids. The cool thing is 6th has changed so much that those armies are no longer a laughing matter. Oh and I'm bringing out my GK for that since our Nid player is better than me and my DE don't really work without allies with my painted collection. The list looks meh on paper but it is sinister and devious in execution so I've held out on discussing the list and tournament results as to not leak any secrets.

      I'm fairly certain we will be paired with your team again this year so maybe I'll see you on the table for once =)

    2. Im sure that our teams will meet again. Too bad Jon isn't able to attend this year... Therefore we might very well get a game in.

      The dreds are just the start of it, the bike squads look amazing and the bike captain is one of a kind. Im really happy with how everything is coming out and Im looking forward to taking the army into new avenues (looking at you drop pods!)

      See you in less then three days.

  3. Looking good man, best of luck getting the rest done this week and best of luck at the GT. You've certainly put a lot of time into this army, it's cool to see it coming together.

  4. Thanks guys. I'm elated that it's almost here and the prospect of not painting anything for a week or two afterwards is also appealing.

    My biggest concern now is going into the GT, I haven't played a game in 4 weeks and I tend to get rusty fast. Hopefully the team event gives me a needed refresher and the change of armies over the weekend doesn't cause mistakes on my part.

  5. Amazing work! It is both inspiring and makes me want to quit trying all at the same time, haha ;-) Good luck at the GT!

  6. Looks great as expected!!! Good luck for top painting you and your army deserve it! Also goodluck in your games, maybe we'll face off so I need to avenge my nids! See you saturday!

  7. That is an astonishing looking army, i'll be using your tutorial for airbrushing on some of my projects to come :)

  8. I love your display boards:) Name plate is awesome! Go, Aaron, go! We wish you a good luck!