Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone.  First off, let me apologize for a lack of content.  I've hit panic mode with more models left to finish than I have days until DaBoyz GT.  Every spare minute is going into painting to the point of exhaustion.  As such, this will be my last post until after the GT is over.

Please enjoy the theme music above when reading the rest of the article.  In a perfect world, I was going to mount an iPod and mini speakers in my display board but I have to triage my remaining hobby projects and that didn't make the cut.  The song above would have probably been the song I looped in the display.

In no particular order...

I finished up the 5 beastmasters on skyboards.  I spent more time on these models than I could afford (3 days for 5 models), but I got lost in the details and ended up enjoying this unit more than I planned.

All 15 kabalite warriors are now done including the new sybarite.  I used my 5th ed archon model and ripped off the arms to add a venom blade and pistol.  I ended up changing the list up a bit also after their last tournament so the model on the right will act as a shredder and I have a stock blaster in the back.

 The wyche unit has also been finished up.  I dropped them down to 5 and added a venom back in.  I just felt they were too slow, vulnerable, and easily avoided on foot.  The venom gives them more mobility for scoring, assaulting, and possibly a linebreaker if I reserve them.

That's all I can show you for now.  The rest you've either seen leading up to this point with a handful left to finish.  You'll get to see the whole finished army after the GT on the 9th-11th with a ton of batreps.  I also hope to have some big news to announce when I get back as far as the blog is concerned.

I've forgotten my obligatory baby pics over the past few weeks so here's one of my son Lucian, now 9 months, in his Halloween costume.


  1. Looking good on the models and that is a great Halloween picture. I similarly hit panic mode on finishing up models. A few are not going to have all the touches - but I moved on to finishing bases and trying to make sure I can add the rest of the details.

    I got a bad batch of Matte Spray Sealer that also ended up leaving a terrible white residue on 20 Horrors last week so I had to triage that. Wait, why am I writing about me that belongs in a Blog post. Any chance you will post your new list?

    1. Here's the new list:

      Lady Malys
      Baron Sathonyx
      Maugan Ra
      Grotesques x8 + liquifier, aberration w/ venom blade
      Kabalite Warriors x10 + shredder, splinter cannon, sybarite w/ venom blade
      Kabalite Warriors x5 + blaster
      Wyches x5 + haywires, hekatrix w/ agonizer + venom w/ extra splinter cannon
      Rangers x5
      Beastmasters x5 + khymerae x12, razorwing flocks x2, clawed fiend
      War Walkers x3 + scatter lasers x6
      Razorwing Jetfighter
      Aegis Defense Line + icarus lascannon

      It has 5 less scoring bodies than the last version but 1 more scoring unit and a transport. I was tripping over my own foot units a bit and taking a break to play GK gave me some new perspectives on reserves. So I'll reserve the 5 man blaster unit and bring them on to snipe a vehicle or jump on an objective. The wyches will probably get reserved to fly on and assault, jump on an objective, or flat-out for linebreaker.

      Overall, it will give me more reactionary units for patching late game gaps as well as giving me more space during deployment. The 20 body beast pack and grotesques have really big footprints if I'm facing someone with multiple pie plates which often left me out of position.

  2. Looking good aaron. Even though i'll be square basing things at the GT this year I'll be sure to catch up with you guys during breaks in the games. Like you I am hitting panic mode with 6 trolls left to paint by next week. Right now they are all primed black and real life has been taking up all of my time lately so we'll see how they turn out.

  3. Your army's color scheme is awesome for tabletop! As well as list is very interesting. I wish you to have a lot of fun at tourney and throughout the preparation process:)

    But in my soul I hope that after the tourney you'll return to your bugs:) As an inspiration, I changed the language of my tyranids blog to English, so you can not only look through pics now ;)