Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dark Eldar: DaBoyz GT 2012 Project Army T-5 Weeks

Here's the weekly update for those who have been following along.  It wasn't the most productive week ever due to playing last Saturday and writing the report.  The same can be said of the next week as I have another game this weekend.  Next weekend is the monthly event at Millennium Games and in 2 weeks there will be a 40k lock-in.  Lots of games coming up so I'm excited about that.  Lots of reports to write afterwards also.  All this means less time for painting so the final 3 weeks will be a real push.

Here's a unit by unit update on the project army for the week.

All beasts are now base coated and based.  Still need to finish about 7 khymerae, 2 razorwings, and 5 beast masters.  Bases still need tufts.

Kabalite warriors are mostly base coated and based.  5 warriors are unfinished and bases need tufts.

Here's the rangers needing a lot of work with my newly painted test model.  I wanted it to look like their armor would match the scheme of the DE, but with an ubran camo cloak to cover it up and blend in with the bases and display board.

Vehicles still need shading, highlights, and spirit stones painted in.  The walkers' bases have been washed and dry brushed, the razorwing's has not.

The wyches need a lot of work still.  7 need to be finished as well as all bases.

Here's all the guys you've seen in the most recent updates.  They're pretty much finished except for the gut portals on the grots and tufts on bases.  You can see in the background I've airbrushed the aegis line to match the bases also, I just need to go back and punch out the details.

That's all for now.  There will be a steady supply of battle reports over the next 3 weeks along with the weekly hobby update.  If I can place at this month's events or the GT, you'll see my thoughts move on to Chaos after this project.  If not, then I'll be fleshing out the GK for 6th and return to repainting the tyranid collection.

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  1. I really enjoy seeing the progress of this army. I airbrushed an Eldar army and it's nice to see this trend gaining traction. Your airbrush work is much better than mine, but your blog definitely inspires me to keep at it and develope new ideas. Overall, great work and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product for the GT. Good luck getting it finished.