Friday, October 12, 2012

Dark Eldar: DaBoyz GT 2012 Project Army T-4 Weeks

This week was all about vehicles.  I spent most of my time finishing up the jetfighter.

Not much to talk about technique-wise.  It's the same 4 colors as the infantry blended across the hull.  This week I finished up the spirit stones and linework.  I still need to highlight the supports on the cockpit and some spots on the hull.  I'd love to get some freehand or stenciled glyphs on the hull also, but I just don't know if my time frame will allow it.  As it stands now, so may it be for the next 4 weeks.

I've also done some linework and stones on the walkers but they're not photo ready yet.  Next week I'll be sick of large surfaces and go back to infantry I'm sure.

I've been lax on appeasing my wife with baby pics so here you go.

On a somber note, my aunt passed away today at the young age of 66.  She was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) on the very day my son was born.  Tomorrow he will be 9 months old.  When she was diagnosed, she had slightly slurred speech and back pain.  In the 9 months that I have watched my son grow, she lost the ability to walk, speak, eat, and today she lost the ability to breathe.  Life will give you great gifts and inflict great losses.  Be grateful for every day you spend with friends, family, and even the company of strangers. 


  1. i love that the army has a lot of colour, it´s in your face at all time.

  2. Devastatingly cute baby! Sorry to hear about your aunt; my uncle passed away from ALS also. I fear ALS and Alzheimers - they are both just so terrible. As ever - lovely army, but my honest opinion is there is a consistent texture across the fighter - different surfaces don't jump out like I'd think they might; particularly the 'stones and windshield. Maybe some water effects/gloss to give them a different texture? It's one of the side effects of airbrushing I personally don't like =\

  3. Lovely razorwing, the contrast between the light colour in the centre to black at the tips is great. The cockpit canopy also breaks up the solid colour in the middle nicely.


  4. Wow that fighter looks amazing!!! Sorry to hear about your aunt , always a bummer to see loved ones pass, So ill see you at the lockin? Or are you still coming tomorrow?