Sunday, October 21, 2012

Games Galore!

Sorry for the lack of regular content.  The good news is I'm getting tons of games in this month with two tournaments.  The bad news is with all the games and only 3 weeks left until DaBoyz GT, blogging is slipping down the priority ladder.

I have 5 more battles to write up so I figured I would throw out some teasers quickly while I write them up over the next few weeks.

My next report of the 2nd round of the regular October event features a dogfight between a forgeworld bloodthirster and my razorwing.

Next up, my dark eldar faced a brutal Tau + SM Bikers alliance.

Last night, Millennium Games hosted a lock-in tournament that ran until 4:30am.  It was a narrative event that allowed an encouraged players to test out the new chaos codex.  For me, this was a perfect opportunity to test out a GK list I've been drafting for the DaBoyz GT Team Championship.  My first game as against a mono-nurgle CSM army that really showcased how brutal t5 oblits can be.

My second game of the lock-in was against an unmarked CSM army that outnumbered me 2-1.  They can sure pack in a lot of bodies if you go with cheap units.

My third game was against an Emperor's Children/Noise Marine army.  This is another force that can easily outshoot GK inside of 24".

I hope to get at least one report written a week and then do a ton of blogging after the GT as that will be another 9 games between the team and singles events.  I'll also take that time to reflect on where my armies stand and pick a direction to go next.  Overall, I'm still really enjoying the new edition.  The games have so much more depth now and I feel diversity is rewarded.  It seems like in our area, we're seeing some really unique armies and new lists emerge.  At the last 2 events, we've seen a pretty even mix of mech, foot, and everything in between.  Luckily for us, flyer spam hasn't become popular yet.  I'm still learning a lot about the nuances of the new rules in each game.  I feel the games really reward good generals and the "point-and-click army" templates lost some of their steam.


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  2. Looking forward to seeing these reports - I agree with the composition of armies I have seen in the new edition. I am not sure if it is people experimenting or if it is really that diverse of an environment.