Monday, November 12, 2012

DaBoyz GT 2012 Recap

Well, my one big event of the year has come and gone and it was by far the best GT level event I've attended over the past 3 years in terms of fun, quality of games, and opponents.  Above is a pic of the awesome venue at the University of Rochester.  The 40k GT brought in 76 this year and the fantasy side almost doubled last year's attendance with 70.  In addition to the main floor seen here, tables were set up on the wrap-around balcony (where I'm taking the pic from).

Lots of natural lighting and space made this venue really nice.  I also was blessed to play on end tables for all 6 games of the GT.

On Friday, Chris (Chrispy), Erich (Calypso2ts), Terry and I played in a 4 man ETC-style team event.  I took a GK orbital strike list I've been experimenting with since each team can only bring 1 army from any codex and Chris is a better nid player than me.  Allies were also banned for this event so no DE for me.

My first opponent was Rodney and his DE.  I won't spoil the reports but here are some pics from each game.

My second round opponent was Frank also with DE.

I lost track of my 3rd opponent's name, but he was playing CSM with a khorne juggernaught lord and some nurgle/fearless marines.

Greg Sparks' team from Toledo won the team event for the second year in a row.  Our team did manage to win "Best Sportsmanship" though which was really cool.

Saturday and Sunday I switched over to my dark eldar/eldar for the main event.  My first opponent was Marcus who also won "3rd Best Theme" (I think) and his dual land raider BA.

My second opponent was Buffalo Bill himself who I've played a couple times over the past 2 years as he comes up to our monthly events.  He was rocking a SM/BA combo with Calgar and the Sanguinor (counts as pre-heresy Emperor's Children).

My third opponent was Frank who was also my second opponent in the team event with the same DE list.

My fourth opponent was Brandon (Stillfrosty from the White Scars blog) and his Legion of the Damned biker (counts as white scars) army.

My fifth opponent was Greg and his awesomely painted Draigowing which also took "2nd Best Appearance".

My final opponent was Cory who is also a local, but we've only played each other once and it was way back in the beginning of my tyranid days.  He was using a really nice Deathwing army with IG allies.

Every single one of my opponents were great sports and all of my games were truly enjoyable.  Full reports will come eventually, but I can't promise more than one a week for the time being. 

I took a few pictures of armies but not nearly enough as I tend to be a slower player with a foot assault army that has multiple characters and initiative steps in each unit.  Here are a few that I did get.

I believe this Draigowing/SW army belonged to Victor.

Here's Terry's CSM.  He was our 4th member for the team event.

Jeff's Pink Tau with "1 of everything" including vespids, an ethereal, and a sniper team.

Rodney's DE.

I didn't get any pics of the top painted armies as I felt like I was running late and short on time all weekend.  Here's some spoiler results if you're interested:

Best Overall: Andrew Gonyo with GK/IG ~ 50 PGK, ~50 guardsmen, Coteaz
2nd Overall: Ricky Johnson with Tau/Eldar
3rd Overall: Mike Mutscheller with CSM ~ Jugger lord, bikes, oblits, and a bunch of marines on foot
Best General: Ben Mohlie with 'Cron Air

We had a really diverse field for this event.  Probably the most diverse I've ever seen.  There were at least 6 tyranid players including Allan and Paul from Team USA's ETC group.  There were 2 Cron Air lists, 2-3 flamer spams, about 6 DE players, and a good mix of everything else.


  1. Aaron,

    Our game was pretty entertaining, especially with all of the failed pinning and charge length tests. Your army looked awesome in person and Im glad we got a game in. Next time I hope we have a more decisive game not determined by horrific rolls on both our parts.

  2. Looking forward to your batreps, i have started dabbling with DE not so long ago and it will be interesting to see how you fared :)