Saturday, December 10, 2011

Warhammer Week: Invitational Results (spoiler)

Today was the second event in my 40k triple play week with the Millennium Games Invitational.  This event was invite only, requiring you to place during the 11 monthly tournaments to qualify.  This was the best of the best of our locals and included ETC players Jay W., Shaun K., and famous painter Joe J. (2nd renaissance man, NOVA 2011).  List breakdowns included 2 GK, 2 SW, 2 DE, 2 Nids, 2 BA, 1 Eldar, 1 SM, 2 CSM.

I brought my nid list which can be found in THIS BATREP.  It's pretty much tailored to the format in a similar way that my ATC list was.  The format was KP's, quarters, and objectives (5 set) with primary, secondary and tertiary rotating each game.

Game #1 was against Paul P's compy(ish) GK with Coteaz, henchmen, 10 terminators, purifiers, purgation squad, and dreadknight.  I started out with a strong lead, killing 6 terminators with my various devourers.  Paul fought back and nearly pulled out a draw with perfect placement of his surviving units to hold table quarters, but the game went to 7 turns and I was able to finish off 4 units.  I won barely on tables quarters, objectives, and kill points for 21/21 points.

Game #2 was against Joe J's drop pod salamanders with Vulkan, 6 drop pods, and 5 hammernators.  This is a good match for nids against marines that want to get close fast to use their melta and flame weapons.  I spread out and took over half the table before Joe dropped, then picked him apart after nearly losing my tervigon to a sternguard drop unit.  I won on objectives, table quarters, and kill points for 21/21.

Game #3 was against Trevor H's space wolves with 2 JoTWW priests, 2 lone wolves, long fangs, and 32 grey hunters.  I took first turn and infiltrated a narrow row of genestealers in between his two choosers.  Trevor reserved 2 rhinos worth of hunters with both priests, and an thunderwolf to be able to strike more aggressively (spearhead deployment).  I was able to get my 20 genestealers stuck in along with 8 ouflankers before his reserves started arriving peacemeal.  He did get off one jaws on my tervigon with a long shot hail mary that was almost out of range, but I made my roll to survive =)  I won kill points 8-3, table quarters, and objectives for 21/21 again.

I ended up taking Best General with 63/63 battle points and a couple comp points.  Chris P (the other tyranid player) ended up taking Best Overall with less battle points, but more comp and painting than me.  Yes, nids took best overall and best general in a tournament with GK, DE, BA, and SW!  It's also worth noting Chris took overall last year as well with nids.  He may even grace us with his list and some thoughts again...

Anyways, that's the short version.  Longer batreps will follow once I finish the two tournaments worth of reports I'm still sitting on.  Tomorrow, Boldo's Armory is hosting a 1250pt event and I'll be taking the Grey Knights out to try and wrangle some additional prizes for the Dark Eldar project.


  1. "Yes, nids took best overall and best general in a tournament with GK, DE, BA, and SW! It's also worth noting Chris took overall last year as well with nids. "

    Nice to see that you can play Nids competitively in the current environment.

    Cant wait for the full battle reports.

    It would defiantly be great to see Chris's list and get his feedback and comments as well as yours =)

  2. Yeah! Great! Congratulations to the winner!

  3. Hey everyone,

    The invitational was a really fun time, and I barely edged out Hyv3mynd for the overall win. He's been talking about repainting his Nids, and if they turn out like his new Knights or D-Eldar, he probably would have taken the top spot.

    Anyway, here's the list I brought and a few comments:

    Tyrant - Lash Whip & Bone Sword + H-V Cannon + Hive Commander + Old Adversary + Parox + Scream
    2X Guard
    Prime - Lash Whip & Bone Sword + Talons + Toxin Sacs

    2X Lictors
    3X Hive Guard
    9X Ymgarls

    15 Genestealers - Broodlord w/ Talons
    27 Hormugaunts w/ Toxin sacs
    4 Warriors w/ Deathspitters

    Fast Attack
    5 Shrikes w/ Bone sword & Lash Whips + Talons + Toxin Sacs

  4. In terms of HQ, Hyv3mynd and I share a common method. We both have deathstars that you don't want to deal with. Sure, you can run around and try to avoid them, but that usually helps us with board control.

    Old Adversary & Hive Commander too many points? Maybe. I normally only go with Old Ad, but I wanted to try Hive commander out to see how it would do. For the missions that we played and the objective placement (1 in the center, 4 in each quarter 12inches from the sides) both worked extremely well for me.

    Different from Hyv3mynd, I go with the Whip & Sword w/ H-V Cannon. I like the Whip for the initiative reduction (I haven't modeled up my Guard with whips, otherwise I'd go that route) and the cannon for a bit of ranged support. I use the Tyrant for support, so I'm not using a run roll to get into position and I'd rather be shooting the cannon. I like the cannon over D-Spitters because of the range. If I'm close, I'm more likely to shoot a power, and then I have 1 more gun to shoot (being the Venom).

    For Elites, Ymgarls are my favorite. Not only are they bad ass by themselves, the psychological factor of their deployment will win games. Hive Guard are great point & shoot units, and they were really hot when shooting. I don't like running more than 1 unit of anything outside of troops, so that's why you only see 1. The Lictors are great assassin units, and I'm fine with going to ground with them when they get shot. 2+ cover, yeah. At the invite, they were great decoy units. They ended up taking the heat off of some situations that ultimately benefited me.

    For troops, the gaunts are a great mobile cover save and take down monstrous creatures. I also strung them out to get 3 objectives in a couple of games. I used the outflanking stealers to grab objectives and take out important targets too close to the sides. The Warriors were outflanked each game, and grabbed open objectives on the sides. They were a great support unit, but they themselves were underwhelming. On one hand, they didn't do much themselves, but in 2 out of the 3 games, they aided units in need, turning the tides. I'm thinking that they could be switched out for more stealers.

    Fast Attack - Well, my Shrikes are the heavy lifters. They're tied with the Ymgarls for the MVP spot. They may be expensive (55 points each), but they wreck house. If you're in the Old Adversary bubble, it's stupid the amount of damage they can do. You're re-rolling 4 attacks each on the charge, and then against most T4 units, they're rerolling the wound rolls from the poison.

  5. Thanks for sharing the list Chris. That's right people, Chris edged out 2 ETC players, our local 'Ardboyz Semifinal winner, and yours truly for best overall with the above list.

    IDK who his first opponent was, but he played against BA with a stormraven and talon furioso in round two and last chaos in round three.

    From watching Chris play, I can tell you he is great at anticipating his opponent's moves and has mastered the movement phase.

    His army is also wonderfully painted which you can see in the few pictures I posted in the linked article. There was no hard comp, but players ranked their 3 opponents list in comp order for a total possible bonus of 18pts. I'm pretty sure Chris got max for this also.

    I know he rolled the prizes into Necrons so I'm very interested to see what he does with a new canvas.

    Now, I have 12 months to figure out how to dethrone the repeat champion.

  6. Congrats to you both, nice to see Nids performing. When you dodge Venomspam, good things happen.

  7. Thanks to both Chris and hyv3mynd for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.

    It’s really nice to see that Nids can still be competitive in the current environment.

  8. Well done to you both. Especially on using Lictors! :o)