Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter League Mini-Reps, Week #1

I played my 3 league games tonight.  It was good to get out of the house, see familiar faces, and play some non-tournament games where it's OK to lose.  As with trying any army out for the first time, I lost all three games hehe.  I did have fun though. 

It was good to see the difference between grotesques on paper and grotesques on the table.  They weren't quite as resilient as I would have hoped.  T5 and FnP is nice, but a lack of armor, move through cover, and grenades makes them a difficult unit to get value out of.

Anyways, here are some pics from tonight's games.

Here's me losing to Chris B's daemons.  Terrain was crazy this game.  I didn't want my venom to get glanced to death by a huge unit of horrors so I hit it in ruins.  A bit too deep and it immobilized itself on my first move of the game.  Then my grotesques moved 2" and ran 2" which was awesome.  I also missed a key assault by 1" and ended up eating a furious charge from the bloodletters that finished me off.

Here's me losing to Rob M's space wolves.  As it turns out, that lone wolf at the beginning of the grotesque chain took 1 wound, dealt 3, and ran the grotesques off the board hah.  Next period HQ's are allowed so I won't have to sweat their ld4.

My last game was against Patrick O's space wolves.  It started out looking pretty good.
I took an early lead earning two tokens and making my grotesques fearless.
And then 20 grey hunters punched me in the face and my army disappeared.

Anyways, it was nice to catch up with some of the guys and throw some dice.  I still think I can make grotesques work, perhaps next period when I can use 2 haemonculi and a webway portal.  If not then, maybe during 4th quarter when Lady Malys arrives.


  1. Thanks for sharing, nice looking reports! Those grotesque kitbashes turned out nicely.

  2. That first picture looks like 2 opposing teams shaking hands after a game. Except for the 4th grotesque. Pointing a gun,.. what a poor sport.

  3. Haha that was the bloodletters giving me the furious charge, power weapon bad touch.