Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Painting League, Week #1

Tomorrow begins the first period of Millennium Games 40k winter painting league.

We're allowed the next two weeks to play up to 3 games with a 500pt, fully painted (doesn't need to be based) army and record the results.  Each win/draw/loss is worth points towards a final loot auction once the league finishes at 1850pts.

This week I've been getting everything base coated and batching some shading and highlights.  Here's my first 500pts.  No force org was required for this period, but no HQ, t6, or av13+ is allowed.

All the infantry needs another round of shading and highlighting to match the test grotesque on the right.  I plan on giving everything some freehand work; either tattoos or runes on the armor.  I sculpted and painted guts inside the belly hole where the ogre symbols would have gone.  After the models are sealed, I plan on inserting some water effects to make it look like a portal into their innards.  Here's a closer look at the freehand flickerfield circuitry on the venom.

I may post mini reports on the battles as the league progresses.  Stay tuned for more WIP tutorials.  Haemonculi conversions and scratchbuilt webway portals are on the docket for next period.


  1. Looks great! Maybe a few freehands will make it even better.
    I saw my friend replaced transparent plastic Venom bases with decorated usual bases and mounted Venoms on a thick metal needles, painted in black. Looked more realistic.
    Have you already chosen style for your bases?

  2. Really looking good man! The free handed circuitry really looks cool. Can't wait to see this in person at some point. Also, Ogres are a really nice base for so much. Can't wait to paint up my Murder Servitor/Ogyrns.

    You're really doing so great with that airbrush.