Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Week's Hobby

Well, it's been a crazy week and things won't be calming down for a while.  Last week's two tournaments and painting league kickoff left me with little time to paint or convert.  This week has been all about Christmas, doing shopping, and dealing with the extra work load.

This week wasn't a total loss though as I started playing with some new models for the painting league and the next 250pts of my escalation army.

Acting on a suggestion from my friend Tim, I converted a couple plastic haemonculi so I'm not restricted to the finecast one.

For these conversions, I used legs from a flagellant sprue, torsos from a ghoul sprue, heads and daggers from the venom kit, and extra arms from the talos kit.  I feel like hovering is important to the new haemonculus image, so I used the soul vortex from the talos kit as a hover disc for them to stand on.

I also started on some home made webway portals.

For these, I used a metal ring I found at the craft store.  In the middle, I poured water effects mixed with some paint.  I'm still playing with these and will probably add more water effects to try and create a layered swirl look.  I plan to stand them up on a 60mm base to look like a stargate,  It could turn out well or may suck, time will tell.

I've also started on the talos, blending his shell to match my venom.

The talos, haemonculi, and webway portal make up the next 250pts of my escalation army and I need to play those games before January 9th so stay tuned for more progress shots.  I'd also like to finish more of these battle reports as time allows.

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