Friday, June 24, 2011

ATC Doubles Game #2

After a draw in round #1 and in a 3 game format with battlepoints, Jay and I knew we had some serious butt-kicking to do to stay ahead of the pack.  I don't remember the names of the fine chaps we played in round #2, but it was an ugly match for us with them setting up guard and wolves across the table.

Their lists (approx):
Rune Priest + JoTWW and other toys
3 Grey hunter units in rhinos with wolf guard attached and the typical mark, melta, combi, fist, standard
Long Fangs with missiles

CCS + chimera
PBS + chimera
Hydras x2

Our lists can be found here .

The deployment was spearhead.  The mission was c&c as the primary and table quarters as secondary.  Luckily, we won the roll to go first.  So, we're facing a jaws priest with several mech hunter units all with wolf standards teamed up with a mini leafblower.  Pretty much a tyranid's worst nightmare hehe.

I didn't take pictures of the deployment, sorry.  We got a city table with a big ruin in the middle.  We put our objective in the back corner and deployed most of our stuff behind the central ruin.  Our opponents deployed back into their corner with the rhinos up front, IG vehicles behind, and long fangs central in terrain.  We infiltrated the 2 big units of genestealers and Jay outflanked his two smaller units.

They failed to seize.

We both spawn units of gaunts and send them forward to start working on table quarters.  Genestealers and hive guard get FnP.  Everything else advances in cover.  They put the rhinos up in front of the spearhead, so moving the hive guard us gave me range and I immobilized the priest's ride, forcing him to walk forward if he wanted to get jaws off.
 They shuffle around the vendettas and bring up the priest's unit of hunters and a second unit that jumped out of a rhino.  Shooting drops a couple genestealers from each unit, but cover and FnP favors us.  Vendettas put a couple wounds on Jay's tervigon.  I believe my unit of genestealers ate a murderous hurricane here also. 
Jay gets his unit of 10 genestealers which come in on our left (this is good).  We move everything up.  Hive guard explode one vendetta and zoans warp blast the hell out of the priest's unit, leaving a couple hunters and the priest.  Jay's big unit of stealers assaults the full hunter unit, which pops it's standard.  We went in with FnP and they get to reroll 1's, so each side takes a few casualties, but we lock.  My stealers are hurricane'd and assault the priest and survivors.  After dangerous terrain and striking last, only the priest is left with 5 stealers.  Jay's outflankers wreck a hydra.
They send the 3rd rhino unit over to fight the genestealers that arrived.  Several units are locked in combat, and they've lost a hydra and a vendetta so shooting is getting thin.  I lose a bunch of gaunts and a couple tervigons take wounds but survive.  My 5 genestealers fail to remove the last wound on the priest.  Jay's big unit wipes out the central hunter squad.  On the left flank, hunters assault and pop their standard, killing a bunch of stealers but we lock.
Jay's second unit of outflankers arrives on the favorable side also.
We advance everything else and dole out FnP.  Jay's central unit of stealers gets stuck with bad terrain and fleet rolls.  Zoans take out the second vendetta and hive guard immobilize a rhino.  In assaults, the outflanking genestealers pound the grey hunters but stay locked.  My genestealers finish off the rune priest and prepare to be executed by all those guardsmen.

At the bottom of 3, our opponents don't have much left.  The PBS and manticore continue to drop templates.  My genestealers go to ground and actually survive the IG firing squad.  Long fangs fail to kill any tervigons.  We're also running out of time here.  4 players playing 2,000pts per side definitely takes longer than 2 players doing the same.  We go into the top of turn 4 and I spawn another massive unit of gaunts and then pull my troop tervigon back to take our objective (they don't have anything left to contest).
Shooting immobilizes the rhino on our left flank and assaults remove the last grey hunters and central rhino.  Jay is unable to reach the guardsmen with his genestealers, but is able to contest their objective.  Our opponents roll out their remaining shooting phase, but fail to kill enough genestealers to free up their objective.

The game ends with us holding objectives 1-0 and table quarters 1-0 (only troops can claim, anything can contest) for a pretty good win.  This game went well for us with good damage results on vehicles and the best outflanking results both times.  Going first was also epic as we stopped the priest's transport and got FnP's out before they shot us.  If they had gone first, the game would have been quite different.  This game also shows how important tale control is.  You may have noticed that our opponents never made it into our deployment zone which meant we didn't need to protect our own objective.


  1. 8k points on the table sounds like a blast - thanks for the batrep. What do you use to take your pics?

  2. Just great. Unstoppable wave of tyranids. Perfect play!

  3. It was actually 1,000pts per player so 4,000pts on the table. I use a cannon digital ixus camera. The pics would be better, but the lighting was poor and I hate the way the flash makes games look.

  4. Your pics here are always great - just trying to figure out what it is that you do to get them to come out well; angles, positioning, etc..

  5. I usually just back up as far as I can to get as much of the table in view and still see the display. Hold my breath and click. For the closer pics I use a bottle of water or something similar as a cheap tripod to stabilize the camera.