Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The End is Near...

Ok, I'm are not talking the end of the world or the end of 40k, (although with all of the recent releases and changes GW has added some may think that), rather I am addressing the end of 2013 and what that means to me in regards to the hobby. There is one more tournament that I will be attending this weekend to round out the 2013 season plus I have a few modeling projects that I want to knock out before 2014 rolls around. So now that I am somewhat refreshed after taking off some time last week I figured I would run through what I am currently working on and then talk about the Millennium Games Invitational. So let's take a look at what I've been working on over the past couple of weeks.

Being a fan of all things Chaos and especially the Word Bearers, I've been adding more and more units to my army. While I don't have any pre-set goal in mind with this army I've recently started to add Chaos Daemons into the mix to come up with some fun builds.


The most recent additions to my beloved corrupted marines are 3 new obliterators, a Maulerfiend, and a new Daemon Prince. The obliterators come from the HiTech Miniatures line of models known as the Terrorizers. First of all the miniatures are cast in resin and the detailing is fantastic. I own three of the metal GW models and I have to say, working with the hitech models was so much easier than trying to put together and pin those metal monsters of old. So with minimal cleaning up of the mold lines I painted these guys up to fit into my Word Bearers theme. Since they are all modeled with flowing robes I decided to add scripting and chaos star artwork to the robe to solidify the look and feel with the rest of the army.


I picked up the maulerfiend back in October with the intention of running it in my Da Boyz GT list but due to touching up my army, building terrain, and finishing my display board I never got around to start working on the model so over the break I primed the model and started painting it up. Once done I'll be adding scroll work to the armored shell to tie it in visually with the rest of the army.

Daemon Prince
Over the Thanksgiving day weekend I picked up a plastic GW Chaos Daemon in anticipation of running a Daemon Prince from either the CSM or CD books. Little did I know that GW was about to drop the Be'Lakor dataslate a few days later. I already own the metal Be'Lakor model but mainly used it in the past in cases where my Chaos lord rolled the Dark Apothesis result on the Chaos Boon table. The new Daemon Prince was going to fill the role of an HQ slot from eithe of the books but now with the release of the Be'lakor dataslate I may be running two Dameon Princes in my future armies. As you can see I am still assembling the kit and I need to greenstuff over the joins plus I'll be adding in some chaos spawn bits to make him a little bit more intimidating. Since I'll be experimenting between running him as a Daemon of Nurgle and a Daemon of Tzeentch, I'll be painting it up in a color scheme similar to what I did for my Herald of Tzeentch model from back when we ran our Park Hammer mini contest this past summer. I'll post pics as I progress with works in progress.

The Heldrake
As I mentioned above, I am in the process of building a maulerfiend and I am equipping it with the magma cutters instead of the lash whips. So I am going to add the lashwhips to the vent holes on the heldrake. I started painting up the whips but here you can see how it will look once they are glued in place.

The Millennium Invitational
This weekend rounds out the monthly tournament series at Millennium games and hobby. This event is not open to the general public, only those who have placed in either the first or second place in any of the previous events run during the year get invited to the invitational. I was luck enough to secure a spot back in the late summer with my eldar. The format for the event is as follows:

Three missions
1850 points
54 max battle points, 15 max points for painting, and 15 max points for sportsmanship

I am basically running the list I brought to the Da Boyz GT with the following changes:

Primary Detachment
Daemon Prince of Khorne: DoK, Axe of Blind Fury, Power Armor, Wings
Dark Apostle: MoT

8 Marines: Plasma Gun, VoLW, Rhino
8 Marines: Melta Gun, VoLW, Rhino
20 Cultists

Fast Attack
Heldrake with Baleflamer

3 Obliterators: MoN, VoLW
3 Obliterators: MoN, VoLW

Herald of Tzeentch: ML3, Exalted Reward
10 Pink Horrors
Soul Grinder: MoN, Plhegm Bombardment

1843 Points

Since I've faced off against of most of the guys who will be attending I am sure I'll be facing a couple of armies running 1-2 wraithknigths, a couple of dreadknights, and some Typhus with zombies. The meta is pretty low keyed in our area so I don't think we'll be seeing any seer councils, Triptide lists, or screamerstars. The list I am bringing, while remaining true to the Word Bearers theme, leans towards a more shooty style with the Dameon Prince in there to hopefully mop up the larger models after the oblits have had a turn or two to weaken them. The herald will be rolling on Divination to get Prescience and hopefully something like misfortune and/or forewarning. The Exalted gift will be used to gain the Grimore, which with an army composed of 6 Daemon units, will help me increase the chances of keeping key units alive during the game.


  1. Hey Grubnards,

    Beautifully converted Obliterators! I'm also very interested in the Drake. Could you perhaps post a more zoomed-out picture so the pose of the model becomes more clear?

    I like the direction your list is taking as well. Looks mean and still nice and varied.

    Thanks, Cilithan

    1. Sure, I'll try to get some more pictures when finished plus the steps of what I did. I got the idea for the drake conversion from this blog: http://rumplification.blogspot.com/2013/01/chaos-space-marine-heldrake.html

  2. Ill be bringing the same list i took to the gt. I wish i didnt have to but itll give me the most painting points. your list looks very fun to play. Before i conveted my own oblits i thought about those Hitech oblits. They looks pretty Ace. Still think you shoulda brought the csm/tau haha

  3. Looking good man. I love the hitech models! I got one of the oblits myself for my CSM build.