Saturday, December 14, 2013

I am back!

I finally have a chance to play some games this weekend.  In particular, I have a chance to play some one on one games.  Sure at the DaBoyz GT I played in the team event but I do not count those because Aaron (hyv3mynd) was holding my hand through every game.  He was also making most the tactical decisions.  I am sure if he was not there I would have lost at least one game - possibly more. But that is for a different blog post.

This weekend is the Millennium Games invitational, and I wanted to prepare for the event.  The invitational is for the top 2 non-qualified finishers at each of the monthly events the store holds.

I have been deciding what to take for the event.  My first thought was break out the Sisters of Battle.  I have not played them in a while and I thought I would bring them because they would be fun to play.  However, I have not played much lately and my concern is that playing a new army would be a frustrating experience. So I am going to fall back on my playing my good old Eldar.  I have been playing them the most recently but I still only have 11 games with them under my belt since September. They have all been tournaments – which is sad, I really need to play more.

The list I plan to take for the Invitational includes:
Farseer on Bike with the Shard of Anaris
Farseer on Bike
9 Eldar Jetbikes with 3 Shuriken Cannons
3 Eldar Jetbikes
3 Eldar Jetbikes
5 Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent with Holo-Field.
7 Warp Spiders.
Hemlock Wraithfighter
Dark Reapers with Starswarm and Starshot Missiles in a Wave Serpent with Holo-Field
Night Spinner with Holo-field

My Eldar at work!

There is some big damage potential with this list, but I believe it is not that over the top.  I am experimenting with a few units in the list and this will be my first time fielding them.  They include the Hemlock Wraithfighter and Night Spinner.  I painted both of these in the last 2 weeks. I figured I needed Night Spinner in because my list lacks Template/Blast weapons.  Since it can shoot 2 different kinds, it has some nice flexibility on a fast elder platform.  It can also barrage snipe out independent characters. I do not have a good reason why I chose the Wraithfighter other than it looks cool – maybe that is a good reason?  It does have some interesting rules with it.  The shooting from it is okay, but it is not great at taking down other flyers.  The terrify physic power is great, but I not sure I would be able to ever use it before it dies.  This is because it starts in reserve and then it cannot be used on the round it comes on the board.  At a minimum it is going to be turn 3 before I can use it.  If I get bad reserve rolls it will be until turn 4 or 5 until I could use it.  Did I say it looked cool!?  The really interesting thing about the Wraithfighter though is you can make your opponent retake leadership and pinning tests if the Wraithfighter is within 12” inches of the unit taking them.  That could be huge with all pinning weapons I have in the army.

Rusty Tools!
 Well that is it! I am going into the tournament a little rusty, but I ready to get some good games in. I hope I get an easy first game to shake some of rust off. I will post up next weekend how I do.


  1. I played a game a few months ago with a list built around the Hemlock and some Shadow Spectres. Check it out on our club's YouTube channel:

  2. Jay, I think the wraith fighter can be awesome, But I feel a lot of it's potential lies in the othe rpychic powers you receive in your list. Getting embolden would definitely boost your pin potential within your list.
    Getting good rolls on telepathy will even sweeten the deal (horrify,dominate, psychic shriek is great when your opponent is at -2 leadership). Unless you are pushing your list to screw with LD, I'd say jump over to the other flyer.

    The game we had made me realize the imminent threat of night spinners. That is an amazing tank, but would be better if it were replaced by a vauls battery (shadow weaver). sadly it wouldn't have the speed of your list but is an amazing 90 pt. investment.

  3. @ Joshia very cool video. I could see that combo working on a lot of different kinds of lists. I also think taking 3 flyers would be better then taken just 1.

    @ David yea I do like the night spinner. It added something to my army list that I needed. I really wish I got to use the flamer template against you. 