Monday, December 30, 2013

Slaanesh Themed Beasts of Nurgle

The original inspiration for my Daemons army was a pure Slaaensh force.  I enjoyed playing the army, but as  my Sisters began to fade into obscurity - and near uselessness - I made Daemons my primary force.  On the old codex there were just too many limitations to a pure Slaanesh force.  For most of my games it hit transports on 6's, it tends to be fragile and it leaves you wanting to play with more of the neat entries in the Daemons codex.

My solution to this was to keep my color scheme the same - a purple/green/blue armor set with very fleshy skin tones to evoke the Dark Prince.  For the most part I have used the GW models for units like Blood Crushers and Screamers but I have been looking to push myself as a painter/modeler by using more Slaaneshi counts as units.  The first was a set of Zombies that I am working to convert to addicts - the perfect Plague Bearer counts as - whose addiction leads them to be Shrouded in mist, with poisoned blades in enough of a stupor to make them ignore the casual loss of a limb.

I had been looking for a similar opportunity with Beasts of Nurgle when I came across a set of River Trolls on the sale rack.  I snapped them up - with a vague notion to use them as Beasts.  This is my first real effort with green stuff and mild conversions - as I present my unit of Gluttons (counts as Beasts of Nurgle).

One holds a platter, the other a stake with apples/cheese and the third a platter to be filled with other snacks.  Their voracious appetite leaves a Slime Trail behind them of waste as they are shrouded by buzzing flies, smoking meats and the excess of their consumption.  Always looking for a new treat - these Gluttons are Attention Seekers - piling into combats to prevent others - even their allies - from procuring the choice treats.

Here are some work in progress models - the lighting leaves something to be desired, but the more important part is the initial greenstuff additions I have made.

This troll bears a bottle of her favorite drink and a skewer with apples/cheese attached for snacks along the road.

Another bottle on this one, along with a piece of cake in the outstretched hand.

You can see the start of the color schme on this one - who bears a platter (it will have a Pizza painted onto it) and hehas the fish that comes with the kit in the other hand.

Finally, a nice profile shot shows the bottles they bear - how I am going to paint them I have no idea, painting glass is not something I had looked up yet.  You can also see the Greens/Browns I am using for my first model - I intend to bring these colors up to resemble my Nurgle Herald - fleshy and sickly from their excess.

For basing, I will be using the same stage bases that my other models have, but I have some leftover casks that came with the Scrap Cannon from Ogre Kingdoms that became my second Skull Cannon.  A few shattered mugs and maybe some other random food made from epoxy clay will round out the base.

Let me know what you think or if there are any food suggestion you might have - I am toying with the idea of adding a sack or keg to one of them (maybe two?) so they always have a meal nearby.  Maybe it will include some extra arms and legs...

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  1. I love the idea of the models. I find that alterations to the fluff to take your own personal spin (but not too crazy!) is really cool.