Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Mandulian Chapel Presents - Woodcock

Hello my name is Jay Woodcock.  I wanted to join the fantastic guys on this blog to share my experiences in the wargaming hobby.  I chose the name DaCock.  Yes I did! Something to remind me of my last name.  I don’t think I am usually a cock at the playing table, unless I am being cheated.  Let me tell you little about myself. I am married with 3 kids and I have been playing 40k since 2nd edition.  I played 2nd edition with some old high school friends.  I really got into 40k at the start of 3rd edition.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  I have several armies including: Tyranids, Sisters, Eldar, Grey Knights and a small detachment of Guard.  I have been playing a lot of Grey Knights lately and I am still trying to figure out Tyranids in 6th edition.  I still want to run a genestealer focused army, similar to the one I used to place 4th at the AdeptiCon championships a couple years back - I had the red/orange Tyranids.  I love to go to tournaments and hang out with friends.  I love the tournament experience, including local events.  Tournaments enable me to play more games in one day than when I went down to play pickup games.  I am also one of the Tournament Organizers of DaBoyz GT. So you might see some DaBoyz/GT related posting and thoughts here. 

In addition to my other abilities, I am on my way to becoming an internet celebrity.  You might have seen the above picture before.  This picture shows a game between Bill Kim and me.  Yes that picture also showcases the side of my gut.  I am afraid it might have gotten bigger since then.  I was playing Bill at Chicago games days.  This was back when they GW had GT’s.  I believe this was third edition.  I was playing my Ranger (Altaioc Eldar) against his Night Lord’s CSM.  I had the upper hand, before he even came to the table.  My army had the right set of special rules and sniper guns really put a hurt on all infantry armies. As is Bill’s fashion he pressed to take the win in spite of this and almost pulled it out.  The good old days!  The caption is accurate, I have spent too much on the hobby.

Now that you know a little about me, I hope you enjoy my future posts. In the future I plan on posting on tournaments, terrain, my playstyle and the armies I have been painting and playing with. I will also update you on my armies in progress. I have huge Eldar army and I plan on discussing what should I be doing with it with new codex release.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the hobby Jay. It seems like we only run into one another at Da Boyz, or occasionally at tournaments - Seizing on you in spite of Coteaz at last year's Millenium Tournament Series Championships is one of my most memorable 40k moments.

    Especially since you were about to Warp Quake me off the board.

  2. Welcome aboard buddy.

    What plans do you have for eldar? An illic/pathfinder list? Or maybe eldar + GK?

  3. Thank you for all support guys. I have so many lists I want to play. I am going to start with a little of everything at first and add in some of new toys.