Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grubnards Hobby Update and Eldar Feedback

This past week I have been pretty lucky to sneak in a lot of hobby related projects. For starters, I have nearly completed my Tzeentch Sorcerer model for the ParkHammer painting competition. This model has been a blast to paint and it has allowed me to test out some new techniques. Next week we should have pictures available of all the models entered into the contest and who ended up winning the contest.

Secondly, I have started the Tyranid Ripper Pads terrain but rather than combine that with this article I figured I would save that for next week. I have also been working on converting a section of my basement into a gaming room. I plan on having a full sized table with storage underneath and plenty of room to seat 4 players comfortably. I should have that finished up by the 4th of July weekend and pictures will follow.

 Now, the crux of my article... Eldar. I was finally able to get in my first games using the new Eldar codex and I have to say I am really impressed with the Eldar codex. I first started playing Eldar in 2011 when I was trying to decide what army to enter into the 2011 Da Boyz GT. In previous years I have always played Chaos Marines and I was looking to try something different. Eldar were always a cool looking army and their old codex seemed to stand up well to the rigors of 5th edition so I elected to start an Eldar army for the GT. As expected, I placed in mid 60s out of 90 some odd people at the event but I was pleased with how the army ran with so little time for me to learn the codex. Since 2011, I've played my Eldar a lot and feel that I have gotten better with them. Then when 6th edition came out I practiced running the Eldar with Tau allies up until the new Chaos dex came out, which prompted me to shelve my Eldar army.
Sample of my Eldar forces

Fast forward to this past weekend. I had my first game using the new codex and while it was only a 1250pt list I think it gave me a good feel for what to expect with the new book.

Farseer - for 130 points I ran a farseer with Runes of Warding and Spirit stones. In the previous book I almost always took Eldrad as trying to get an effective Farseer almost always came out near the same points as Eldrad so why not take the best? Well, in the new codex a 130 point Farseer is a mastery level 3 and comes with the Ghost helm and rune armor. Most of the new Eldar psychic powers are pretty good plus you have the option to roll on divination as well. I like using the Spirit Stones as they allow you to take a 2 warp charge power and cast it as a warp charge 1. The caveat is that the Farseer cannot use his rune armor that turn but most of the time he will be back behind cover and out of range. The Runes of Warding are there to "cheat" an unlucky perils roll, of which I am periodically know to roll.

Avatar - The Avatar jumped up in points but gained a wound. Since I usually run a foot list he is almost included in my lists due to his fearless bubble. The only down side is that if you do not roll fortune you may want to keep him in cover.

Guardian Defenders- BS 4, Blade Storm, and Battle Focus. Enough said. I normally ran 2 squads of 10 but I plan on upping them to either 2 squads of 15 or 3 squads of 10 and march them up the field with the Avatar.

Warp Spiders - As has been said all over the internet, these guys are the shizznit. I always ran them in the old codex and used them as tank killers or a nuisance squad but in this codex they rule. I gave my exarch the Marksmans Eye and Fast shot with his twin linked death spinner. Three almost guaranteed shots that I can designate a target on a roll of 5 or 6. Plus the new monofilimant rule makes all to wounds of a 6 AP2...

Dark Reapers - A five man unit in the old codex used to run about 217 points. The same unit in the new book is now only 180 points. Yes, the exarch lost his ability to re-roll failed to wounds but the unit gained Slow and Purposeful. Plus you can now field a squad of 10... yikes.

War Walkers - I also used to run three war walkers in a squad with twin-linked missile launchers. Now that the walkers can take flakk missiles, we have a viable anti-air unit but at a rather hefty price. In the old codex I could run three for about 210 points, now for 220 points I can run 2 walkers with 2 missiles each with the flakk upgrade. I'm sure that there are better choices out there but I have not had much chance to test anything else out.

I have yet to try out any of the other aspect warriors or vehicles but they do look promising. 

However, the thing that really looks exciting for the Eldar is the recent Tau launch. Since they are battle brothers it opens a whole list of opportunities. For example, I normally ran Eldrad or a Farseer with my Dark Reapers to give them a boost with Psychic powers but now that a Tau commander with the Command and Control node and the Mulit-Specturm Sensors can join with them and provide them with re-roll to hits and ignore cover while my Farseer goes off with other units opens a lot of options. A squad of fire warriors can sit in the back and have Guide cast on them to improve their chances to hit things while the Guardians move forward with the avatar. Lots of possibilities with the two codexes that I will need to test out before this years Da Boyz GT.

So, have any of you played the new Eldar book yet? What are your thoughts?


  1. I love the new wave serpent shield rules. They are a main battle tank, that can take some troops along for the ride. Wave serpent, holo, scatter lasers, shuriken cannon is my new staple.

  2. I haven't gotten to play mine yet (probably Saturday!) but the new rules are pretty great. The one I am interested to try is the Dark Reaper exarch with starshot missiles, Fast Shot and Marksman's Eye.

  3. In my only game so far (more to come this weekend) the battle focus was pretty incredible on my Guardians; it essentially allowed me to dance them around cover and various fire/return fire lanes. Combined with conceal, my squad of 10 was a serious anchor on the objective and turned out to be impossible for my opponent to root out since he didn't have ignore cover weapons. With Fortune, a 3+ re-rolling cover save is hard to beat, particularly when you can use battle focus to make sure the opponent has limited options to shoot at them at all.

    1. Agreed, gaining the ability to shoot-run/run-shoot is a huge advantage. I don't see any reason to take Dire Avengers other than a 5 man squad that can go into a serpent and grab objectives at the end.

  4. I picked up the codex, plastic farseer, and wraithknight the other day. Couldn't resist. Would have grabbed a jetbike box too but MG was out. Vaul's artillery battery is on my list too.

    The army really has a ton of viable units. It fits my desire to mix fast units, MC's, and artillery well. Looking forward to breaking out the DE again and mixing in some new eldar units.

    1. I picked up my second support battery as well. D-cannons work well in a foot list. In fact, so many of the Eldar heavy units work well, we Eldar players have lots of options to play a variety of lists.

  5. I have always loved your paint job on them! The farseer turn out great.

    1. Thanks Jay, coming from you that means a lot!