Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lists from the Drawing Board

In last edition, I was never one to play hero hammer.  This was mainly due to the local meta being dominated by comp players and tournaments.  Now, in the early days of 6th ed., the purists have taken over for now so comp isn't even on the schedule for the local events of GT.  The other factor that's going to be huge in 6th ed. is how individuals can pass USR's on to their units instead of losing it like in 5th.  "Units containing one or more models with (fearless, preferred enemy...)" with be key to getting the most from your special characters now.  With that, here are some lists I've been mulling over for my other two armies.

The first up is dark eldar.  I'm still trying to salvage some of the models from my WWP collection and the work I put into them.  This list is dictated by the grotesques which I've finished 8 of 10.  I also picked up a model I really want to use as Lady Malys.  So how do I use Lady Malys, 10 grotesques, and still make the list competitive?

A. Vect (warlord)
Lady Malys
Grotesques x10 + liqifier, aberration, venom blade
Warriors x20 + blaster, dark lances x2, sybarite
Warriors x5 + blaster, venom, extra cannon
Pathfinders x5
Razorwing + disintegrator cannons
Aegis Defense Line + quad gun

So this is sort of a denial list.  Vect can join the 20 warriors making them fearless and giving them PE.  They deploy behind the aegis and Vect mans the quad gun (lol).  Malys and Karandras join the grotesques making them fearless and immune to psychics and stealthy.  After deployment, I use her trick to redeploy the unit via infiltrate thanks to karandras.  The venom squad is reserved for late game objective grabs or linebreaker.  Since only grotesques, pathfinders, and the warrior blob are deployed, I should be pretty safe for first blood.  I haven't playtested the list yet and it may be too elite for dark eldar, but I'm pretty sure the two big units can put out a lot of pain.  Armies that ignore cover look to be the biggest threat here.

The next list is a fun list to possibly take to the August tournament.  I've been wanting to try out Mordrak with the new rules and figured I would have some fun with allies along the way.

Mordrak + 5 ghost knights, banner, halberd x1, hammer x1
Illuminor Szeras
Strike Squad x5 + psycannon
Strike Squad x5 + psycannon
Immortals x5 + tesla carbines, night scythe
Wraiths x6 + whip coils x2
Nemesis Dreadknight + teleporter
Rifleman Dread + psybolts

So I love the new wraith and scythe models and this was the cheapest way to shoehorn them into a Mordrak list thanks to the new ally rules.  Mordrak makes the NDK and rifleman scoring or whatever.  He deep strikes in on t1, the NDK shunts, and the wraiths fly up the middle.  Strikes and dread hold the backfield.  Szeras buffs the immortals and they reinforce whatever needs it the most when they arrive in the scythe.  This list suffers with first blood and warlord kills, but I'm hoping the resilience of the terminators, NDK, and wraiths can cause some serious damage and pin my opponent down in their DZ.

Anyways, that's what I'm looking at right now. They could be terrible, they could be good.  Most importantly, they will be fun to play.  Only time will tell with how they will play out in the new ruleset.


  1. Ha! That Malys/Karandras trick is great.

  2. I like the eldar/dark eldar combo. I myself am looking forward to adding karandas to my list as well. However, his exarch powers only affect aspect warriors per the 6th edition faqs (see last page of faqs). So i'm not sure he would benefit the grotesques as you are thinking. What about throwing in a farseer with stones and then use dinivation powers to buff your squads. With stones you get 2 powers to roll on.

  3. Thanks for the heads up Kevin, that changes everything. I haven't looked at the eldar codex or FAQ's yet, just army builder.

    The farseer would make the most sense, but I just don't want to jump on that bandwagon yet. I may go back to Maugan Ra. I like him for shooting ever since Sparks slapped me with him in Tennessee. Would his exarch powers apply to the quad gun if he was firing it?

  4. From my understanding, yes he would be able to fire the quad gun since it only says a model in base with the gun. So any abilities that model has would count when using that gun. I've seen people talking about putting a fire dragon exarch with tank hunter and crack shot on a quad gun. I myself find it funny picturing Eldrad firing off a quad gun.