Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bugs on the Brain

I've been thinking about Nids more and more since 6th was released.  They got the biggest boost of all 3 of my armies and have become really fun to play again.  Plus, you guys don't stop by as much when I start talking about GK and DE.  DaBoyz have removed comp scoring from their GT this year due to the fact that 6th ed will be a few months old and nobody knows what will be "broken" and need comping.  As such, it's also really tempting to take Nids to that event and really bring my "A" game to try and get the forsaken codex in the top of the pack.  I'd really like to take the DE I've been working on, but my 6th ed lists with them have required a considerable investment to add Eldar allies and flyers.

Anyways, here's a draft of an 1850pt list I've been considering for the GT.

The Swarmlord
Tyrant Guard x1
Hive Tyrant + wings, devourers x2, OA
Hive Guard x3
Ymgarl Genestealers x8
Termagants x28
Tervigon + claws, toxins, catalyst
Gargoyles x30 + toxins
Carnifex + devourers x2, mycetic spore
Aegis Defense Line + quad gun

So it has decent anti-flyer with the quad gun, flyrant, and dakkafex.  In theory, the flyrant and swarmlord can double buff the gargoyles or ymgarls with furious charge and preferred enemy to make them extremely hard hitting.  All the deployed units are fairly resilient and shouldn't give up first blood too easily.  The lone tyrant guard is the exception.  He's alone with the swarmlord so if he gets Iron Arm, the unit's majority toughness goes up to 7-9.  The icing on the cake is that I can pull this of with just 1 more box of gargoyles.

Anyways, let me know what you think.  I may get to test it next month if they bump the point level up to 1850.


  1. I think it is awesome. I'd love to see you do well with them and show people Tyranids are great. I do agree that 6th Edition has breathed a lot of life into Tyranids. I wouldn't call them top of the stack or anything, but I do feel like I'm playing on a more balanced table.

    1. As sad as it is, it really comes down to how many MC's get Iron Arm. Getting up to t8 makes you immune to all small arms fire (non-poison) and EW means they can run right into GK without fear. I would definitely consider a list that rolls 2-3 Iron Arms on tyrants/swarmlord/tervigons "top of the stack" now.

    2. "Plus, you guys don't stop by as much when I start talking about GK and DE."

      Wasn't your mission to prove Tyranids can be competitive? I thought that was the reason and purpose behind this blog, so I was a bit surprised and a tad disappointed when you changed direction into other armies. I'm not really interested in any other 40K army, so I don't read articles about them (with the exception of 'how to beat Tyranids' articles). And I guess that goes for some other readers here.

      Btw, imo Endurance is the best power for single MC's in almost any situation, except vs Grey Knights.

    3. Proving Tyranids can be competitive was a driving focus of the blog for the first year+. A combination of beautiful new models (DE & GK) and evolving rules enticed me to start new armies. You gotta admit things got pretty stale for us last year when the new releases kept coming out and tyranids kept getting neglected.

      Being competitive locally means painting well also since our big tournaments are heavily weighted towards appearance. At this point in time, completing my DE is a lot more appealing than repainting 60+ termagants.

      I agree endurance is nice and probably more useful, but Iron Arm can be more game changing IMO. Once you hit t8, you're completely immune to bolters and str4 in CC. That eliminates a lot of the lucky attrition wounds that sneak through over the course of the game.

  2. Hopefully next month will see the points increase. You should stick with whatever army you like best though. Soon you'll need a new banner with all the armies you're playing and starting these days. Not sure if we will be making this month's tourney.

    1. Hear that Goatboy? My readers want a new banner with the necrons =) But wait till November when I've either added Eldar or Chaos to the mix too.

      I hope you do make it to the event this weekend, we always appreciate the support and extra bodies in the mix. Your brother is a top contender too and we need more to keep our local hotshots on their toes.

      I also hope to see 1750 or 1850 next month.

  3. Hmm. It looks close to the lists I'm thinking about. But I fall in love with broodlords and not yet ready to start using Swarmlord. I'm also not sold on Quad-gun as it has to shoot at the closest enemy (as I understand, our units cannot operate emplaced weapons).

    1. I think Tyranids can man a Quad-gun, if it is a Gun emplacement.

      There are two types:
      - Emplaced guns which buildings have.
      - Gun emplacements

      Emplaced guns have automatic and manual fire(which Tyranids can't do),
      but Gun emplacements don't have any of these restrictions.

      Gun emplacements don't have a rule concerning manual fire and are therefore not affected by the FAQ.
      The FAQ also highlights this by talking about buildings, not Gun emplacements.
      (Note: I didn't found this difference myself. Cudos to the guy, who's name I can't remeber. :p)

      Interesting list... I don't have much experience in 6th yet, so I can't really judge...
      As of now it seems a bit of a weird mix, but I'm exicted to see how it will work in actual gameplay.

      My list would probably look like this:

      Hive Tyrant + Armoured Shell, x2 Devourers, OA
      2x Tyrant Guard
      Parasite of Mortrex
      2x2 Hive Guard
      2x Zoanthropes
      2x 11 Termagaunts+Devourers
      2x Tervigons + AD,TS Katalyst
      2x 15 Gargoyles +AD, TS
      1x Biovore

    2. This ^

      I've also discussed it before but a quad gun on a defense line is fully different from an emplaced weapon attached to a fortification. The FAQ only forbids us from firing emplaced weapons inside buildings.

  4. for my part it was ok to se the DE but space marines no thx. I feel that where ever you look some one is building a space marine army or IG and it is so boring to se that. I find it a lot more fun to se some one building and painting a tyranid army or Tau army as you do get to se them a lot any more.

    and it is also fun to se your army transform from dark to happy colours^^ but in no way are the other things you have been working on bad.

    best regards muffin

    PS: can i take part of you blogg roll ?? here is my blogg, working on some tyranids now ^^ http://muffinshappycorner.blogspot.se/

    1. Done and beautiful gargoyles. Everyone should check them out.

    2. thx a lot m8, that means a lot to me. and thx for the add as well keep all the good stuff coming :D

  5. And my list, that I plan for the next tourney:

    1 Hive Tyrant (HQ) @ 265 Pts - Twin Devourer with Brainleech Worms (x2); Leech Essence; Paroxism; Old Adversary
    1 Tyrant Guard (HQ) @ 65 Pts Lash Whips
    1 Hive Tyrant (HQ) @ 285 Pts - Twin Devourer with Brainleech Worms (x2); Wings; Leech Essence; Paroxism; Hive Commander

    2 Hive Guard Brood (Elites) @ 100 Pts
    6 Ymgarl Genestealer Brood (Elites) @ 138 Pts

    1 Tervigon (HQ) @ 210 Pts - Stinger Salvo; Adrenal Glands; Toxin Sacs; Catalyst; Onslaught
    20 Termagant Brood (Troops) @ 240 Pts – Devourers in Mycetic Spore @ [40] Pts
    4 Genestealer Brood (Troops) @ 118 Pts + Broodlord @ [62] Pts with Scything Talons
    4 Genestealer Brood (Troops) @ 118 Pts + Broodlord @ [62] Pts with Scything Talons

    1 Carnifex (Heavy Support) @ 230 Pts - Twin Devourer with Brainleech Worms (x2) in Mycetic Spore @ [40] Pts
    1 Carnifex (Heavy Support) @ 230 Pts - Twin Devourer with Brainleech Worms (x2) in Mycetic Spore @ [40] Pts

    Models in Army: 47
    Minimum Killpoints: 14
    Total Army Cost: 1999

    Stable walking core and heavy dakka drop.