Thursday, November 18, 2010

List of the Week: Comp

So I got my competitive fix last weekend at DaBoyz GT.  I know, it was a "comp" event, but I brought a non-comp list (31/120 comp score) and was paired against 4 non-comp lists (drop wolves, vulkan marines, shrike marines 2x raiders/2x ass terms, mech guard 7 chimeras 3 fliers).

Also, in the ultimate move of coolness, Travis the owner of Millennium Games split next year's tourney schedule between comp and non-comp.  This is a huge step as every single local tournament a year for us in Rochester is comp except Ard Boyz.  Now, comp players and competitive players have equal outlets for their favored lists.  For the record, I enjoy both but prefer competitive if I'm paying to play.

So next month is the Millennium Invitational where the top performers in the monthly tournament come together to crown the king.  This will be a comp tournament also.  Here's the list I'm considering testing this week.  As Millennium also hosts a 40k league, I'll be using the same list and hope to post more reports to support the theory hammer.

1850 comp - Splinter Fleet Colossus
The Parasite of Mortrex
Hive Guard x3
Zoanthropes x3
Tervigon - Cat, TS, AG
Termagants x29 (one unit)
Genestealers x9
Gargoyles x20 - TS, AG
Raveners x3 - rending claws
Harpy - TL HVC
Carnifex - TL Devourers
Tyrannofex - rupture cannon

So, it's got just about anti-armor option.  2 units with str10 shooting, str9 blast, 6 str8 shots, 12 str6 shots.  That should cover enough anti-armor in a comp setting.

Zoans, tervigon, harpy, carnifex, and tfex also have duality/anti-horde options via templates and torrent.

Tervigon and 29 gaunts provide scoring units that are very hard to kill.  Genestealers provide disruption and scot blocking.

Raveners and gargoyles + POM provide counter assault or front line disruption.



  1. Actually swapped out the PoM for better comp'age.

    Prime - LW/BS, TS
    3x Hive Guard
    3x Zoanthropes
    Tervigon - Cat, TS, AG
    10x Gants
    20x Genestealers
    20x Gargoyles
    3x Raveners - RC
    Harpy - TLHVC
    Tfex - Rupture
    Carnifex - TLDevs

  2. 1-0 with the above list so far. I'll continue to use this as my league list running up to the Millennium Invitational.