Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DaBoyz GT Batrep #2

Here's my GT list - 1850pts Splinter Fleet Colossus
Tyranid Prime - LW/BS, Scytals
Tyranid Prime - BS/BS, Rending
Hive Guard x2
Hive Guard x2
Ymgarl Genestealers x7
Termagants x10
Tervigon - Catalyst, TS, AG, SS
Termagants x10
Tervigon - Catalyst, TS, AG, SS
Trygon - AG
Trygon - AG
Carnifex Brood (2) - Twin Linked Devourers x4

Batrep Disclaimer:  This was my first GT, and first attempt to batrep tournament games.  I screwed around with the flash so picture quality will vary.  Also, the more difficult the games became, the less I focused on taking pictures so please excuse the lack of photos later on.  Enjoy!

Game #2 versus Dan from Buffalo - Daemons of Chaos

Interesting story... Dan also came up to one of our primer tournaments with the same list, and drew me for this same mission.  Dan and I have faced off twice, he is the only daemon player I've ever played, and he nearly tabled me both times.  My list this time is much less compy and this table is cluttered with impassable terrain peaks which will be tough for him.  His list as I remember it:
Slaanesh Herald + Chariot
4 Crushers diversified
4 Fiends + 1 w/str
3 Flamers
2 units of Bloodletters
2 units of Daemonettes
1 unit of Plague Bearers
Soul Grinder with phlegm
Daemon Prince of Nurgle with wings

Mission #2 was "Lost Artifact".  It had been revised since the primer, and Dan gave me first turn which ended up being very bad.  Last time we played, all objectives deep struck from table center, the revision allowed objective placement by players for turn 1.

I deployed as such:

During my turn, I spawn 8 gants from each tervigon and search the objective in my mass, locating it and thus dictating that to win, Dan must destroy my whole army.  I do some running to castle and prepare for daemons.

Dan's first turn.  He does not get his preferred wave, but usually splits his list so it's not so lopsided.  Bloodthirster scatters back a bit.  It should have mishap'd, but I didn't want the game to start that way to I told him to just put it on the table.  Green flags represent catalyst when I play.

A unit of daemonettes also mishap back into reserves, and a unit of bloodletters mishap to the far corner of the table.  I kept trying to let him place them on the mat because I felt all the truly impassable peaks on the terrain made it unfair for him, but he took all the mishaps like a man.

Horrors, flamers, and plague bearers with an icon arrive barely on the table edge.

My turn 2... Ymgarls remain dormant in the two tar pits right in front of my force.  I shuffle around the castle so the jump infantry can't hit the center.  I move one of the trygons near the ymgarl's terrain hoping to lure over the blood thirster.  Dakkafex's put a ton of wounds on the bloodthirster but he makes all saves.  Hive guard, tervigons, and gaunts torrent the rest dropping 4 horrors and 2 flamers. 

Dan's turn 2...  He receives all reserves except blood crushers.  Daemonettes mishap back into reserves for the second time.  Daemon prince, soul grinder, daemonettes, and blood letters come in on the plague bearer's icon.  Fiends and herald arrive midfield.  He kills a couple gants with shooting from various units, assaults the trygon with the bloodthirster and I believe he scored 3 wounds and I returned 2.

My turn 3... Ymgarls wake up inches from the bloodthirster and trygon.  I spawn 4 & 9 gants.  Hive guard immobilize the soul grinder.  Dakkafex's drop 3 fiends and hive guard finish them off.  Ymgarls assault the bloodthirster and kill it.

Dan's turn 3... Blood crushers arrive on the icon.  Daemonettes mishap back into reserves for a third time.  Shooting kills 6 gants.  He assaults one of the spawned (primered) gant units with the nurgle prince and i do 2 wounds with counterattack and poison woohoo!  Plague bearers also assault gants who kill one and also draw combat!

My turn 4...  I break the primes off from the fexstar and each joins a different unit of gaunts.  3 + prime assault into the plague bearers.  The second prime + gaunts prepares to receive blood crushers as neither of us has grenades, I'll let him assault me.  Ymgarls chase down the remaining flamer.  Hive guard wreck the soul grinder.  Dakkafex's reduce the blood crushers to 2 models with 1 wound each.  Trygon on the far right kills the herald.

Dan's turn 4... The unit of daemonettes that mishap'd 3 times comes in to stay this time.  Daemon prince kills gaunts but takes another wound from them.  Blood crushers assault gaunts + prime and die.

My turn 5... Dakkafex's kill 5 bloodletters.  Gaunts kill daemonettes.  Daemon Prince dies.

Dan's turn 5... In his final push for a draw, he assaults the remaining daemonettes into the prime + gaunts and draws, contesting the objective under my tervigon.  We roll for the end and the game goes on...  We call it there as I table him except for the unit of bloodletters that mishap'd into the far corner. 

Win 46-1

The review:  Ok this mission was edited since we played in the primer.  Originally, all 4 objective markers deep strike table center.  With us now being able to place one each during deployment, the mission gives a HUGE advantage to going first.  Dan's army was also the highest scoring list I faced at around 75/120 whereas mine was 31/120 so you could say it was a bad matchup.  Also, there were about 10 terrain features that had to be played as impassible so that hurt him.  He's a great player and super cool.  It felt good to beat him for the first time, but it was bittersweet due to the conditions.


  1. Yeah, I'd be interested to see how many of the people going first won. In my game, I went first and found the objective first turn. The rest of the game was me sitting on it shooting as my opponent moved towards me.

  2. That's how mine went down. Terry and Mike were playing next to me and ditto for them. I really liked the mission better when all objectives deep striked 3d6" from center. It still favored taking first turn, but at least it limited castling.

  3. I played Kevin/Grubnards for this one, and we actually reversed it. He had first turn, but I found the objective and I won the game, although we drew on the primary.

    And this is Rangerdude/Gabe