Saturday, November 20, 2010

1850pt League Game (comp)

Millennium Games, one of our many local stores fired up a 40k league in the wake of DaBoyz GT.  It's a pretty cool system.  Play up to 2 games a week at the store (your choice of pts and format) and register your results for points.  Mid January, players can bid their points in a loot auction.

I met up with Kevin tonight for an 1850pt comp game to start off my league play.  Kevin's necrons:

Lord w/ orb, phase shifter
Destroyer Lord
11x warriors
11x warriors
10x warriors
3x wraiths
10x scarabs
4x destroyers
2x heavy destroyers

My Nids:
Tyranid Prime - lw/bs, scytals, ts
3x hive guard
3x zoanthropes
Tervigon - cat, ts, ag, cs
10x termagants
20x genestealers
3x raveners - rc's
Harpy - tlhvc, cs
Tyrannofex - rc
Carnifex - tl dev's

This was going to be a pretty mellow game, and it was needed after the intensity of the gt.  Plus, it was comp necrons so I wasn't too worried.  Even so, I always play sloppy if I underestimate my opponent's list and last time we played, Kevin snuck a draw under my radar when I was sure I was winning.  Also, the table we used was set up by some other folks and had almost no cover so I had to be careful.

We roll capture and control, my favorite mission because I find it much more challenging and never play to draw.  Pitched battle deployment and Kevin is getting first turn.

He covers the whole table from end to end and puts his objective behind the ruins next to his monolith.  Mine is the pile of bones behind the tower in the lower right.  His deployment leaves 0 options for my genestealers except 18" from his front line.
On my left: raveners and half of the 20 genestealers in the ruins with the half (with a few strung for coherency)18" from his warriors.  Zoans with prime in front with gargoyles behind.  Tervigon behind the center rock and harpy behind.  On the right, gants, hive guard, dakkafex, and tfex layered behind the tower for cover saves.  **Pardon my unpainted models.  I've only been playing since March and my GT list contained my only fully painted models.  All the rest are WIP**

Kevin's turn 1... He moves the scarabs up (mistake IMO as it put them in fleet range of my genestealers) along with the monolith, heavy destroyers, and destroyers with lord.

Shooting kills 2 genestealers, puts a wound on hive guard, and a str9 shot I allocated to the prime to save a zoanthrope.

My turn 1... I realize I didn't spread my synapse far enough (such a noob lol) and my tfex is out and fails IB, he'll be shooting at wraith.  Genestealers shift over and pick up FnP from the tervigon.  Gargoyles fly up.  Everything else advances and shifts slightly.

Here's where Kevin's dice start really hurting.  Harpy hits both heavy destroyers with the heavy venom cannon, wounds, and he fails both armor and loses any chance at wbb.  Hive guard drop a destroyer.  Tfex gets 2 misses, zoanthropes stun the monolith.  Gargoyles run to make space for 18 genestealers, who fleet.  I position them so they whole squad will not be able to swing.  I'm banking on the scarabs surviving (fearless)so I don't leave myself open to be shot during his turn.  Mathhammer says genestealers with FnP shouldn't take many casualties against 10 swarms.
I assault, kill a base, lose 1 stealer, and scarabs take 1 more to no retreat and we wrap into each other.

Kevin's turn 2... He advances the destroyers and lord, and shifts the wraith over next to the monolith.  Kevin's necrons are really well painted with tons of freehand script.

Shooting kills a hive guard and a gargoyle.  He's out of rapid fire range with most units, rolls a lot of 1's and 2's, and I make cover saves.  17 genestealers duke it out with 8 scarab swarms and only do 7 wounds noooo!  I wanted them to finish up during Kevin's turn so I can re-assault.  Scarabs kill another genestealer and we remain locked.

My turn 2... I fly the gargoyles towards the wraith.  Raveners break from the ruins and head for warriors.  Tfex is in synapse but rolls two misses at the monolith.  Zoanthropes stun it again.  Harpy shakes the monolith.  Dakkafex and hive guard wipe out all destroyers and leave the lord.  Random cool shot (before movement)
After my movement.
Raveners break from cover and fleet... And make their beat assault barely as 11.5" separate them from warriors.

Raveners kill some warriors, break and sweep them.  Genestealers finish the scarab swarms and consolidate to spread out.  Gargoyles assault wraith in the center and kill all 3.

Kevin's turn 3... He unleashes all his firepower killing 9 gargoyles, 5 genestealers, and 1 gant.  It's not enough to save him from impending doom...

My turn 3... everything moves up.  Dakkafex, hive guard, and tervigon torrent down the destroyer lord.  Zoans stun the monolith again.  Everything else assaults his remaining warriors; genestealers, raveners, and gargoyles.

Genestealers and raveners drop the left warriors and orb lord.  In an act of vengence, warriors on the right beat the gargoyles, they break, and the necrons sweep them!  After combat ends, necrons phase out with only 10 warriors and a monolith left.

Review:  Well, Kevin's dice really bailed on him this game.  He was failing 3+'s more then he passed.  The casualties I was inflicting wiped entire squads every turn denying wbb.  In fact, he only rolled for 3 wbb's all game.  It sucks when your dice abandon you and it happens to the best of us.  I think I executed this list design well.  I wanted the 20 genestealers and gargoyles to provide early pressure, taking focus off my shooty bugs.  It deserves more playtest, but I think it will be one of my most effective comp lists to date.  Hopefully I can fit in another league game next week.

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