Friday, November 19, 2010

GT Batrep #5

Here's my GT list - 1850pts Splinter Fleet Colossus
Tyranid Prime - LW/BS, Scytals
Tyranid Prime - BS/BS, Rending
Hive Guard x2
Hive Guard x2
Ymgarl Genestealers x7
Termagants x10
Tervigon - Catalyst, TS, AG, SS
Termagants x10
Tervigon - Catalyst, TS, AG, SS
Trygon - AG
Trygon - AG
Carnifex Brood (2) - Twin Linked Devourers x4

Batrep Disclaimer:  This was my first GT, and first attempt to batrep tournament games.  I screwed around with the flash so picture quality will vary.  Also, the more difficult the games became, the less I focused on taking pictures so please excuse the lack of photos later on.  Enjoy!

Game #5 versus Rick James from Boston - Mech Guard
Rick's (approx) list:
CCS w/ meltas, chimera
PBS w/ chimera
10x Penal Legion
Vets w/ ml, chimera
Vets w/ml, chimera
Vets w/plasmas, chimera
Vets w/ lascannon, chimera
Vets w/ lascannon, chimera
Vets w/flamers (in valk)
LR Demolisher lc, pc sponsons

So the mission was "Heroes Glory".  2 objectives with a 3rd created when the first HQ dies, most bp's for the hero's corpse, then opponent's objective, then your own.  It's a packed city table which is good for me.  At this point after a weak win in game 3 and a loss in game 4, I'm pretty sure I'm out of it so I'm pretty relaxed.  Rick James was a cool dude so this was probably my most relaxed game of the weekend.  Plus, it's mech guard so I'm not giving myself a good shot.

I get first turn and take it, placing my objective far forward so I can keep my tervigons as close as possible to both objectives.  I deploy aggressively with plenty of cover.

Rick deploys far back, almost into his corner with both ml vets in chimeras, pbs in their ride, hydra, demolisher in front, 2 empty chimers in the bottom of a ruin, and 2 lascannon vet teams above.  He keeps plasma vets in reserve, and outflanks both vendettas, valkyrie with flamer vets, and penal legion.

I hide my ymgarls in the ruin on the left, right by the ml vets and pbs in the black box.  Rick fails to seize.

My turn 1... Ok, I'm outnumbered MSU style and way out gunned.  I have the advantage of spawned scoring units and an easily sacrificeable HQ for an easy scoring objective.  Of course my first mistake is my first move.  It will reveal it's ugly head soon... I move everything forward and run everything.  FnP goes on a trygon and fexstar.  He deployed further back than his front line so I forgo iffy shots with running.

Rick's turn 1... No movement only pivots and lots and lots of shooting.  My mistake slaps me in the face here as my primes are attached to carnifex's and he focuses the entire army on hive guard...  He kills 3 in total after all my cover saves.  Demolisher puts some wounds on the fexstar.  Ok, that wasn't too bad I think I let out a HUGE sigh of relief at this point.

My turn 2... No ymgarls of course.  That would have been too cool with all those stationary chimeras.  Everything advances and I spawn a lot of gants lol.  I join a prime with the surviving hive guard.  Hive guard fires and 1,1 LOL.  Dakkafex's unload on vets in the middle level of the ruins, kill 5, and they fail morale and leave the table.  Trygons run!

Rick's turn 2... He gets all 3 birds and plasma vets, jesus.  Valk and vendetta come in my side nearish my objective moving 6".  Other vendetta comes in his side by my hiding trygon.  Plasma vets come in 12" from his edge and they unload right in front of my lead tervigon, jesus.  He puts his whole front line into my lead trygon which is about 13" from his demolisher and has FnP.  Trygon survives with 1 wound muahahahahaha!  Vendetta on the left puts 3 wounds on the other trygon.  Two birds on the right kill some gants.  Plasma vets put 5 wounds on the tervigon and lose one.  Ouch, I think I took about 350pts in wounds this turn.

My turn 3... This turn is going to make or break me.  At this point, we're having a great game and I'm having a blast.  Things are starting to get rowdy.  I get my ymgarls, sweet.  I spawn a lot more gants and both tervigons burn out.  I duck my rear trygon back to try for cover but he gets a 1 for run! Tervigon goes on a suicide mission to get clear of all my gaunts and take on the plasma vets.  Carnifex's edge up but stay in cover and hold the center.
Lead trygon and ymgarls go for the money!

Carnifex's unload on the top level of the ruins, kill 5, and they leave the board.  Hive guard blows a lascannon off the vendetta on the right. Trygon wrecks the demolisher and probably my only chance to sacrifice an hq for the primary objective.  Ymgarls multi the two closest chimeras, get one pen on each, and roll 1, 1, LOL.  Tervigon assaults plasma vets with 1 wound and FnP, kills 2, and they flee.  Oh crap they can fire all those plasma falling back.  He's about 7" from the edge so I pray.

Rick's turn 3...  Plasma vets only flee 3" noooooooooooo!  He receives the penal legion who run on with fleet and fc, but I luck out and they come on the left side away from my objective.  Vets and PBS jump out of their rides on each side of the ymgarls.  He's really itching to drop some bugs so he starts shooting.  He unloads all the vets on my ymgarls while I stare at his formations.  He kills 4 ymgarls and I remove the 4 closest to his PBS, which end up out of sight hahahahaha!  He can't weaken resolve them now lol.  His plasma vets rally and kill the tervigon.  His left vendetta kills the rear trygon.  His main force kills the lead trygon.  He reduces ymgarls to 1.  His two birds on the right kill a few gants.  Ouch again.

No more pics as I realize IG shooting phases are taking 20min and we're low on time.

My turn 4... Dakkafex's kill the plasma vets.  Hive guard shake a bird.  Lone ymgarl charges 10 vets and lives LOL. 

Rick's turn 4... Penal legion runs up.  Birds fly around and flamer vets jump out and flame some gants but don't kill enough.  Chimera tries to tank shock me off my objective and immobilizes on a ruin hehe.  Vets draw combat with ymgarl again lol.  At this point I realize I'm winning as he's not near his objective so I start to play with more focus.

My turn 5...  Almost out of time.  Rick says just forget the mess by my objective he'll concede he can't contest it.  I run some gants that advanced in front of the fexstar but don't get within 3" of his objective.  Shake another bird.  Dakkafex's kill 4 penal legion but they pass morale.  Ymgarl finally goes down to vets noooo! 

We call it at this point as he can run onto his objective.  No HQ's died.  We draw up and down the score sheet.  15-15.  This was no doubt my most enjoyable game.  Drew a good player and tough army and had fun playing one of the most feared codex's.  In hindsight, I could have massacred this game by joining one prime with each hive guard unit.  NEXT TIME RICK JAMES! NEXT TIME!

The GT was fabulous.  No flaws in the execution from my standpoint all weekend.  I heard of some speed bumps behind the scenes but they didn't pass it on to the payers and didn't break a sweat.  I knew I was bringing a competitve list to a comp tourney so I didn't sweat the 31/120 comp score.  I actually didn't even get pre-judged and was telling people I expected 20-30 so 31 was even better!  I scored 35 in painting which was slightly above average so cool beans.  I was 27/91 in battle points which I was satisfied with for my first GT and playing some really good players.

Oh and I won a prize!  My table "Planet PetCo" won $50 credit for most "favorite table" votes lol.  I know people were loving it, but there were a dozen tables people put more time and effort into.  Anyways, I was grateful for the votes and re-motivated to work more on some cool terrain concepts for Planet PetCo!
Greg Sparks, best overall's footdar on Planet PetCo.
Sparks (#1 overall) vs John W. (ETC) round #5 on Planet PetCo

Some pretty airbrushed mechdar on Planet PetCo
Andy's Crimson Fists, 3rd best theme on Planet PetCo


  1. I liked your table. It had an Avatar/Pandora vibe to it.

  2. Thanks Allan. That's what it started evolving into the longer I worked on it. I want to add some topography to it and give it some more character with rock formations.

  3. Great reports and thank you for taking tyranids in a tournament and reporting back. Grats on your games!

  4. I played Rick in round 3. Mech guard is always a tough match-up. You did better than I did :)

  5. I had Rick round 1. Horrible match for me. Some of ti was dice, but most of it was just a mismatch in forces. Nothing against Rick though as he made getting tabled enjoyable.

    If the game had just ended sooner I could have had at least a few points, but nooooo. The dice said we had to go to turn 7.

    Nice write up.