Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Waking

I have a funny way of playing Warhammer 40K.  I take a codex that interests me and play it until I get bored of the army.  Usually it takes about 2 years, but that is my typical cycle.  Lately I have been playing Grey Knights. Before that it was Tyranids.  I have several armies, but typically play one army at time for a long period.  Maybe I don’t get bored because I am always trying a different unit or different combos within the codex.

Too big to fit in one photo

Here are several photos of my Eldar army.  Yes there are a lot of them and they have been painted in 3 different color schemes.  This was the first army I ever played from back in 2nd edition.  In second edition I loved my Swooping Hawk Exarchs jumping out of the air and directly into hand to hand.  That thought of that still makes me smile today.  As you can see I have painted my collection in three different color schemes to illustrate three different Craftworlds: Alaitoc, Saim-Hann, and Ulthwe.  This would allow me to play all the different craftworlds.  At the time it sounded great, but in hindsight I should have painted all of them the Saim-Hann color scheme because it is my favorite.  Since I have this huge collection and they have a shining new codex I plan on playing a lot of Eldar of the next two years.

Saim-Hann Eldar

I picked up the new Eldar codex the first day it was in the store and I have been trying to put together army lists since then.  I have so many ideas I want to play and test out but naturally exploring a codex takes some time.  I really love the codex because there are so many army builds.  I really think the power of the codex is in using the Farseer and the Warlocks. Warlocks are such a force multiplier. It is too bad you can only take warlocks in guardian units or maybe it is deliberate?

Other side of the Opening Photo
There is a 1500 point tournament coming up this weekend. Here is the list I plan on bringing.

Farseer-135 pts
On Jetbike and Spirit Stone of Anathlan and singing spear

Autarch-160 pts
On Jetbike with banshee mask, fusion gun and Shard of Anaris

Warlock -55 pts
On Jetbike and singing spear

5 Wraithguard    160 pts
in Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser, Holofield-135 pts

6 Rangers-72 pts

10 Dire avengers-130 pts
in Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser, Holofield-135 pts

9 Windrider Jetbike Squad-183 pts

Fast Attack
5 Warp Spiders-95 pts.

Heavy Support
Fire Prim with Holofield-155 pts

War Walker Squadron with Bright Lance and Scatter Laser-120 pts

Total                     1490 pts

Photo of army that I am taking to the event

I love this list because it has a lot of shooting, some hand to hand if needed and very fast and durable.
I plan to provide some battle reports on my experience next week.

As a teaser – here are some other possible lists I plan on playing in the near future:

Saim-Hann (Fast and furious)

on Bike with Sprit Stone of Anathlan

10 Jetbikes with 3 cannons
10 Jetbikes with 3 cannons
6 Jetbikes with 2 cannons
5  Jetbikes with 1 cannon
3  Jetbikes with 1 cannon

Fast Attack
10 Swooping Hawks with exarch, sunrifle and hit and run
10 Warp spiders
5  Shining Spears with exarch, star lance, hit and run

Heavy Support
1 Night spinner with vectored engines and holofield
1 Fire prism with vectored engines and holofield

Tank heavy list (fast and hard to kill)

Farseer with Sprit Stone of Anathlan

10 Guardian Defenders
in Wave Serpent with Holofield

10 Dire avengers
in Wave Serpent with Holofield

5 Wraithguard
in Wave Serpent with Holofield

Fast Attack
1 Vyper
1 Crimson hunter with exarch
1 Hemlock Wraith Fighter

Heavy Support
Falcon with Holofield
Night Spinner with Holofield
Fire Prism with Holofield

Alaitoc List (Ranger list) 

Illic Nightspear Karandras
2 Warlocks

10 Rangers
10 Rangers
10 Pathfinders
20 Guardian defenders with scatter and Bright Lance

Fast Attack
10 striking scorpions with Exarch with Scorpions Claw

Heavy Support
3 War Walkers with scatter laser and Bright Lances

This is very similar list I used to play back in 3rd edition when you have the disruption table in the Codex. I believe it would be very powerful in the current meta.

Iyanden (hard to kill)

Sprit Seer

10 Wraith Guard
5 Wraithguard in Wave Serpent with Holofield
5 Wraithguard with D scythes
    in Wave Serpent with Holofield
5 Wraithguard with ghost axes and shields
    in Wave Serpent with Holofield

Fast Attack
Hemlock Wraith Fighter

Heavy Support
WraithKnight with suncannon, scattershield, and scatter laser

What are your thoughts of the codex?


  1. Damn, that is an nice collection. Very rarely do I see you playing Eldar, hoping that changes now with the new book.

  2. So did all those models sit in boxes in the basement or were they always sitting on that table taunting you?

  3. Man that's a lot of eldar! Probably more than all my armies combined. If you got an airbrush up and running you could repaint them plenty fast. LMK if you want any help with that.

    I like your tank heavy and iyanden lists. 7 skimmers and 2 flyers would be tough to handle, as would 2 wraithknights. Can't wait to see either of these at the local events.

    I'm trying to find a way to fit some swooping hawks in too. I love the ability to leave the table and deep strike without scatter, it just seems like WRJB's do a similar thing with a 36" turbo boost and always score. My next themed army may be a eldar/DE mirror list with reaver bikes, WRJB's, hawks and scourges, warriors and guardians.