Monday, July 29, 2013

CSM Painting Update

I initially wanted to write this week a bit about the the Warp Storm table since it  represents one of the signature rules in the Chaos Daemons codex.  Normally it is viewed as something to be managed and/or endured as the cost of playing Daemons as your Primary Detachment.  However, assuming the 'Lord of Unreality' Warlord traits can be attained, there is significant potential to use the Warp Storm as a catch all army wide weapon/buffer.

To guarantee the 'Lord of Unreality' trait, however, an army must include Kairos Fateweaver in its list - which is not a bad idea in the first place.  After I reached this point I realized my thoughts on using Kairos were not really fully developed yet - I spent a significant amount of time in front of the keyboard trying to work it out.  Part of it might be I have only had the chance to use him (her in my army) twice in games.  Given how closely tied Kairos is to the Warp Storm table through both his Warlord Trait and his one dice reroll - it is difficult to then discuss the Warp Storm without having a strong understanding of Kairos.

For this week, I am going to showcase my most recent miniature as part of my 'one mini a week' goal for painting.

This is an Aspiring Champion painted in my Slaanesh style theme.  I amt trying to make the model feel a bit more fleshy for the mutated pieces - and in this guy's case the front armor is painted to resemble a protective bone exoskeleton.

He is toting a melta gun - but I think he would prefer to use the semi-sentient ask in his other hand.

Which is a decision the Daemon embedded in his leg and should pad will probably agree with.  This brings my total number of painted CSM to 5 at this point - two axes, one mace and two bolters.  My eventual goal is to use them in conjunction with some Chaos Cultists to form a Traitor Guard regiment.  Until then they will escort a CSM Sorcerer.  I love how detailed the new Chaos models are, but it does make painting them time consuming.  It does not help that I chose a paint scheme that is not conducive to Air Brushing.

As a separate project, I began the assembly process for the Chaos Warhounds that I plan to use for Flesh Hounds.  So far I have 10 fully assembled and ears/tails to add to 10 more (possibly tonight?).

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