Monday, July 22, 2013

Da Boyz GT List and Painting Updates

Although it seems like a far way off, the Da Boyz GT has a way of sneaking up on me each year. Normally that has the affect of my army being partially incomplete by the time the tournament rolls along.  Recently it has the added bonus of me partially neglecting my wife and daughter while I frantically paint to get to a point where my army is partially incomplete.  Speaking of painting, I neglected to post updated painting progress with the last two weeks of posts.  Here is my most recent Chaos Space Marine.

You will notice he is not quite done - more on that in a moment.  First I want to comment that I have really enjoyed painting some power armoured bodies, but I am going to need to refocus on my Daemons in order to successfully have a painted army - the generic points reductions for most Daemon units has reduced the size of my painted force and changed the composition of my army.  That said, here is the rest of the painting I have been working on.

This is a set of Screamers - I stopped using them for a while once the Daemon Codex came around - but I have decided I still really like them.  One aspect I had not noticed before is that each Glance/Pen caused on a vehicle counts as 1 and 2 wounds towards combat resolution now.  This makes winning combat using these guys a bit easier - since their normal attacks have lost that great S5 AP 2 power.  They are also fast to tie up units, benefit from Night Fight and are generally difficult to remove.  Finally, their Slashing attacks provides a good offensive punch too.  I usually never had a chance to assault with Screamers anyway - since an opponent shot them up the turn after they dropped in and most their damage was grabbing First Blood with slash attacks - they can still Deep Strike and turbo boost now and their speed makes even a single survivor great for contesting objectives.  There are 6 pictured here, but I plan to use a full sized unit.

I have also made a recent addition to my collection that arrived yesterday - they are pictured below.

I really dislike the Flesh Hound models - and they are expensive on top of it.  As such I plan to use Warhounds as Flesh Hounds - plus the aesthetic matches more closely with the Slaanesh paint scheme I run for all of my Daemons.  The more I look at Flesh Hounds, the more I like them as an immediate threat to enemies with a 12" scout, being beasts and their ability to put down a large number of wounds on the charge.  combined with Screamers, I can have a huge number of wounds (and attacks) at the doorstep of an opponent on Turn 1 - possibly with an assault if they deploy/move poorly.

To go with both these selections I am settling in on a GT list for Da Boyz - I am really excited about Da Boyz for this year.  The venue looks great, I will be getting a hotel for the first time so I can be social afterward and I do not have to drive home or to play the next day.  I plan to come down on Friday and catch a game or two of warmup if possible if anyone is looking to play and have a few beers.  Here is the current iteration of GT list I am planing to take:

Herald of Khorne on Juggurnaut w/ Exalted Reward, Greater Locus of Fury


18x Daemonettes of Slaanesh
10x PinkHorrors
10x Pink Horrors

Fast Attack
18x Seekers of Slaanesh w/ Heartseeker
9x Screamers
17x Flesh Hounds of Khorne

Heavy Support
Soul Grinder of Tzeentch w/ Phlegm
Soul Grinder of Tzeentch w/ Phlegm

I am a bit hesitant to bring so many points in the HQ slot - previous armies I have played really minimized HQ selections to no more than 100 -200 total points (normally for two units).  However, Fateweaver is a huge force multiplier and the ability to reroll one dice a Player Turn is huge.  His Lord of Unreality ability is also fantastic.  On top of that he is an outstanding gun platform and as a Mastery 4 psyker he can

The herald is there really to bear a Grimoire of True Names - which becomes much more reliable with Fateweaver present.  Further, the Herald provides a hard hitting model that can break away to wreck small MEQ units with ease.

My personal struggle with using so many points at HQ also has me thinking about a tweak to the list that will provide more assault threats.  That swap would be to lose Fate and the Khorne Herald (~450 points) and then bring:

1x Karanak
3x Blood Crushers
6x Fiends of Slaanesh

Alternatively, I could leave Fate and make the same swap by losing the two Soul Grinders.  If I were to lose both Fate and the Grinders I could include another unit of 18 Daemonettes and then a CSM Sorcerer and 18x Cultists with an Aegis to act as objective holders.  The major problem with losing Fate or the Grinders is both provide anti-aircraft fire that I cannot obtain elsewhere - unless the rules for the new fortifications allow for it at an inexpensive cost - and represent some of my only shooting.


  1. I love to get a practice game in some time! It looks like a solid list.

    1. Thanks I have only had a chance to play Eldar through my game with Aaron, but that was really a DE list with some Eldar shooting/Psychic support. It really played like the old codex based on what he rolled up.

      Massed small arms or medium strength shooting has always been tough for Daemons and based on what you seem to be playing I think it would be a great challenge.

  2. Wow, This list is pretty much a replica of my list I've been working on for a couple months now.

    Stick with Fateweaver and the Juggerherald.
    People often make the huge mistake of sticking the Grimoire bearer in the open or in a weak unit and then dishing it out to strong units. That is the worst way to do it because it provides a huge red target for the Grimoire's unit.

    Even sticking a Tzeentch DP in Heavy Support with the Book isolates it. It's too easy to focus fire on that and take it down, and there goes your army.

    However, Sticking the Jugger herald in the unit makes the grimoire tough to get at. I mean you're going to have to go through 34 3++ wounds to get to it. It's kind of tough.

    Fateweaver will win you games hands down. I don't recommend any other HQ choice, especially if you are running the grimoire.

    The main difference between your list and mine is that i drop the seekers + Grinders to swap for Tau allies. I've got Broadsides in a bastion with the buffing commander so i don't have to worry a single bit about fliers and tanks up to AV13, and for AV14, you've got the screamers.

    Going on that, I think that your list lacks reliable anti-air. You do have a lot of board control, so you will have to use that to your advantage to help deal with fliers.

    Overall, I think this is one of the stronger Mono-daemon lists. You have probably the 3 best and fastest units in your army (hounds, seekers, screamers), and you can make them strong with the grimoire. Use that to your advantage. I'd also send the Screamers and Seekers upfield first to soak up the primary fire and then sweep up with the Hounds because they do have the grimoire toter in there.

    1. This is great feedback - thanks for the response. I agree that protecting the units providing a force multiplier is key. I had the Grimoire on a Slaanesh Herald for a while, but I really did not like the way that configuration played out. I found that the T3 wounds were just too easy to eat through - the option of it being on a Tzeentch Herald with the Screamers was interesting but I just saw that unit getting eaten alive in CC. I have also run it on a Lord of Change (so an even better Daemon Prince) but 5 T6 wound is not tough enough - especially when the LoC really wants the Grimoire too.

      I settled on the Khorne Herald as really the last one (other than a Nurgle Herald which is not really playable in many respects) and the more I considered the idea the more I liked it.

      One of the great parts of my previous Daemon lists is that the Grinders and Flamers forced opponents to spread out - and really diffused their firepower. I do not have room for Flamers with Fate in there - but the Grinder provide a similar deterrent to most opponents. I really like the idea of running Tau for additional shooting - do you take a Riptide? It seems like its Nova Charge would also be a great Fateweaver complement. Given it can take an Early Warning Override (I think that is the right name) it can blast units out of the sky before they can unload.

      The meta may have snuck by without me - but I have tended to flat out ignore flyers and focus on their troops - I think Waver Serpents and the new Fortifications help reduce the flyer count a bit as well.

      My general strategy is to use the Screamers to cover both Seekers and Hounds - then to hit with both units Turn 2. If all goes well (or I get an invisibility on Fate) I might be able to almost end a lot of games on Turn 2. I really hate having to play out a full 5 turns - and Assault heavy armies are really the only ones that can consistently table an opponent.