Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tyranid List Ideas & WIP

     Ever since the team tournament last month, I’ve been itching to try out a unit of Dakka-Fexes. I’ve had a single one for a while now, but with my recent WIP projects moving along, I think a unit  may be ready for the field soon.

     I’ve been running a 5-man unit of Shrikes, or the Swarmlord with a small bodyguard. Either way, you’re paying out a ton of points, and I’ve been meaning to try something different. My new points sink seems to be these Carnifexes. I know, those 2 Carni’s cost more than either of the two options above, but this is how I add to my collection (wait until I feel the need to build up a bunch of Screamer Killers!). I’m interested to see how they handle in comparison. On one hand, the Shrikes and Swarmlord do take down most things they hit, but they have to get into combat to do so. The Carni’s have the added utility that they don’t have to reach hand to hand, they have guns.

     With the addition on 2 Dakka-Fex's, the core of my list should stay the same. Ymgarls & Hive Guard in the elites provide forward support along with anti-tank. A Tervigon can play multiple roles, holding objectives (either by itself or via spawning) or rushing forward. Similarly,  Genestealers can either act as a support unit or as a small commando cadre. Biovores play the long range support role, while my Prime hides out and provides a synapse bubble.

     The number of shots a few Devourers can put out is staggering, but is it a good move? Either way, I want to try it out. 

     Anyway, here’s a few things I’ve been working on:

Something new – Space Hulk Brood Lord – I’m not a fan of the regular Broodlord model. Add in the fact that my pewter model chips a lot, makes me ready for a slight change. Game wise, I’m loosing the scything talons. Model wise, it looks cooler.

     I've primed him and done a little bit of shading with the airbrush. I gotta get me some of that oil-shade the other guys have been using.

Prime w/ Dual Bone Swords -  
     I took these pictures moments before I dropped the model. I'll be damned if I can find his right Bonesword.

The Carni - 
      I really like how the side sacs came out. They're much better than my first one.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading. 



  1. I love my Dakkafexes - a pair are a stample of my 1500pts+ list. They can annihiliate almost any unit in a single turn and are probably the most reliable way for Nids to down flyers (barring tons of Hive Guard/FMCs).

  2. I really like those converted TL Devourers. The old-school purist in me can't see taking any fex that isn't a Screamer-killer (so I don't usually take any), but I can't deny they put out a lot of firepower and that, good sir, is a beautifully converted dakkafex. Looks brilliant.

    On the broodlord - I agree wholeheartedly and recently got a Space Hulk version myself.

    1. Screamer Killers have been on my to-do list for a while now. I love these updated models:

      The only thing holding me back is the amount of time I'd have to put into them. That's a lot of green stuff sculpting and some casting. It's almost to the point where you'd just want to build it from the ground up from bitz and then cast it.

    2. Wow, that is crazy. Yeah, that's a pretty considerable conversion. I can't say I'd put that much effort into it. I think I'm fine with using any of the three generations of kits with the CC build. Not that it's particularly effective as the rules stand now, but for a Carnifex at least, fluff is more important to me than effectiveness.

      All that said, that is a very nice looking model and would be nice to have something similar.

  3. They look great! I have a unit of 3 i use when i do bring out the alienids, along with a dakka flyrant and hopefully a 2nd dakka flyrant soon, i personally dont see how ANYTHING could be "unfluffy" in the nid background, if the hivemind deems shooty carnifexen are required, then assimilated bio-mass better damn well be turned into dakka fex's!!! Anyways /end rant i love the conversions and i dont think the unit will let you down!

  4. A Dakkafex kill on average 2.5 Space Marines per turn, if outside synapse he's likely to forget how to shoot.
    I liked the Dakkafex in a pod back when the null deployment build was viable, but I'm not sure the Dakkafex has a place today in a competitive list. It's depending on friendly psykers to survive long enough to have an impact on a game, and the 24" threat range is low for the cost and damage output.

    1. You can certainly mitigate some of those factors to make sure that they are hitting harder. For instance, put a Prime w/ Lash Whips in with the group. It's great protection for the Prime w/ the T6 bump and ability to look out sir wounds. The Carni's also get a synapse bubble from him.

      The synergy with some of the Biomancy spells provides helpful boosts. Enfeeble can certainly help when taking down some harder nuts. Bringing multi-wound units down to T3 adds instant death and removes FnP.

      Putting Endurance on the group helps the survivability quite a bit too. The unit is meant to drive up the middle and provide a mid-board firebase. With 24" not too much is going to be out of range once you move up.

      Comparing them to something like the Swarmlord and a guard (in the same ballpark of points), they have a much larger threat range, and it makes them harder to avoid.

  5. Hey guys ! Could i send you an e-mail for a tyranid list, i'm en need of some advice?

    1. Stay tuned.

      Sunday or Monday we will have an announcement and a way to contact us for list, hobby, and other requests.