Friday, April 19, 2013

CSM Hobby Update

Just a quick hobby update from my cave.

I'm taking a new approach to this army project, getting 3 colors on everything so I can play with it while I finish it up.  Here's an update to "mini-mauler", my conversion to use as a nurgle lord on a palanquin (or juggernaut lord counts-as to fit my army appearance).  He's entirely from the fantasy chariot kit with minimal conversions.  Up to this stage, he's airbrushed only and awaiting washes and detailing.

Possessed with test models.  I finished a couple models from some units to use as scheme tests to guide the painting of the rest of the unit.  Models in the back are airbrushed with browns, greens, and white, ready for detailing and washes.

Sorry for the blurry pics, this wasn't my typical photo area and lighting was poor.  These are plague marines with plasma guns.  The finished (except base) model front right is the plague champ. In the background are my maulerfiend counts-as (slaughterbrute) and 2nd ed metal CSM back right. Everything is airbrushed 3 colors and based.  Bases are airbrushed but still need washes, dry brushing, and tufts.  Army painter tufts arrived this week and I like them 100x more than the GW tufts.  The front middle plague marine has received an oil wash so you can see the difference between him, the only airbrushed models, and finished champ.

Typhus and 30 zombies.  Front left is my finished zombie test.  The rest of the front row are washed.  Back 4 rows are only airbrushed.

New rhino, 2nd ed rhino, and 2nd ed predator.  I'll be trying out the hairspray weathering technique on these so they've been airbrushed to look rusty.  Later they will be painted properly with the white/gold/green palette and scraped to reveal the rust layer.  Check out C'tan's awesome tutorial on this process if you're interested.

That's all for now, stay tuned for some battle reports as I start to play with the army.  Also, my co-authors and I will have a big and exciting announcement to make by Monday so stay tuned!


  1. The finished stuff is looking good. The bright colors are really gonna make this army stand out on the table. Can't wait to try my airbrush out on some foot troops.

  2. When you try the hairspray/salt technique, make sure to use sea salt. You really need a heterogeneous mix of salt particle sizes. I tried it out on some Black Orcs using table salt and the regular geometric shape of table salt crystals looked weird.

    Also, instead of hairspray, you can use dullcoat. If you don't mind dulling things down.

  3. im actually trying out chipping with my tau right now, although I'm thinking of just painting on instead of using the hairspray, got my blog back up and running if you want to see my chaos conversions all together. the paint scheme is great though!!! everything is looking good!