Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tournament Day

Stayed up late last night to paint the windshields on the vehicles, the venom blade for the sybarite, and read through both my codex FAQ's and the rulebook FAQ.  Here's a current shot of the army before I packed it up for today's event.

Here's a brief recap of the day.  Full reports will come over the next 2 weeks as I get back into the painting grind for the next 3 weeks.

Game one was against Mike's Deathwing.  Mike was also the one who beat my GK/Necrons in game one last month.

Game two was against Chris who beat my Mordrak list in the final round of our last 5th ed event.

Game three was against Garrett's BA/Necrons that defeated me in the first game of our first 6th ed event.

It was a day of grudge matches and each game was a great learning experience.

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