Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dark Eldar: DaBoyz GT 2012 Project Army T-7 Weeks

I got tons accomplished over the past week and I'm making great strides towards the goal and deadline.  Unfortunately, this stage of progress doesn't offer much visually as my bench is covered in WIP bases and half the army is baseless in a pile.

I was able to do some exciting things tho as I jumped around from project to project.  This pic sums it up well.

I put some work into my Baron Sathonyx conversion and he's pretty much finished.  I'll only go back to add some freehand glyphs if I have extra time at the end.  The entire grotesque unit is based now.  I just need to work on their "gut portal" and add some tufts.  I also made the first test segment of the display board.  The concept is that each squad will have their own modular tray so I can deploy the army more rapidly.  All of the pieces will fit together like a puzzle in the battlefoam display board frame.  Thanks to the precision foam cutter that MVB's team used for the NOVA terrain, I was able to make these segments very quickly.  This segment isn't completed yet, in fact it has only been airbrushed.  I still have to wash, dry brush, and add tufts to it also.

Also worth noting that every model in the army has now been base coated with the airbrush so no more primer white!  I made 25 bases in the past 2 nights and hope to prime and airbrush them over the next 2 nights.

Hopefully next week I'll have some better photo material.  This week's progress was inspiring thanks to my wife really stepping up to give me more hobby time.  If things continue like this, I will be able to finish the army, display board, and maybe even some geekier things I've been brainstorming to make the presentation really over the top.


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    1. Konrad ~ Email me when you have a chance.

  2. everything is looking great aaron! that baron model is pretty bad-ass, and the bases/display are shaping up nicely

    geekier things like banner/booklet/music theme?

    i am in construction of a display board "base"...basically a 24"x18" box with storage, found the idea on dakka, then i'll get cracking on the nids paint job/display board!

    negotiation have concluded with the fiance(my birthday being yesterday helped lol) and i think i can swing both the october tourney and the GT(which im stoked for), i was hoping to use the october event as practice since i only have last months 3 tourney games with the nids since 6th ed. released, in general i really like how nids play, with FMC's, Biomancy, no fearless wounds, and with the really good biomancy powers being blessings 90% of armies have nothing that can prevent it from going off, also tervigons + 5/6 missions being objective based is good

  3. Can't wait to see how your nids turn out.

    I agree hat they play well with the new rules. The problem for me is everyone else plays even better. Any other army can bring 3 HQ's, 4 Elites, or 4 Heavies with allies but not nids. Everyone else can use emplaced weapons, but not nids.

    Those are the two big selling points of 6th edition, but GW decided to not let them play along.

    It would be one thing if they were as strong on their own feet as the GK codex, but slap that handicap on one of the least played armies and that makes nids the worst army in the game right now. IMO =)

    1. yea i understand what you mean, the only defense against flyers is FMC's and MC's with 2x twin devourers that can glance them out of the air(there isnt a flyer with over AV12 right?), and i just happened to give all my Mc's them so thats 1FMC and 4 MC's not to mention the tervigon,trygon and mawloc(lack-luster i know but i want to try one and make the army more diverse). and i hate the fact they gave nids the cold shoulder with allies, they could of atleast allowed the extra slots,but dont worry im sure with the next nid dex they'll turn us from kill/hate everything monsters to a societal/diplomatic bunch like they did with necrons :D

    2. Hah, the Swarmlord will rebel from the hive mind and Behemoth will become an independent entity. The Doom of Malantai will have a psychic make-out session with Slaanesh and Nids will be battle bros with Eldar. The Ultramarines will decide they like Old One Eye hanging out on their glaciers and will be allies of convenience.

      But only if they let Mat Ward write the next book.

  4. well I have decided to start a blog,

  5. I really like the idea of breaking up the display board into smaller modules. I think it's very creative and can lead to a very nice looking and unique board. I wish i would have thought of that while building out my board for my warriors of chaos army. Can't wait to see the end result.

    1. Thanks man. I think it's a great melding of appearance and functionality. The initial inspiration was ways to speed up my play time. This army has a ridiculous amount of initiative steps, characters, and multi-wound models. It also has a heavy assault element and being all on foot, it plays slower than most of my nid builds.

      I'm thinking that being able to pick up a mini-tray with one entire unit will help me deploy it really fast instead of two models at a time back and forth. And you know how fragile my models are haha!