Friday, September 23, 2011

Grey Knights: DaBoyz GT 2011 Project Army T-4 Weeks

4 Weeks, eeeeek!

I'm in full panic mode trying to paint every chance I get.  4 weeks is definitely enough time to finish painting the army, but I'm not sure if I can make 2 more tables, a new display board, and flickering smoke plumes.  Oh, and I'm still trying to fit in practice games both at 1850 and 2000 for the GT and Team Event

Anyways, on to the models.  This week was henchmen week.  I had to mix it up because I was getting bored of the power armor.  Next week may be transports heh.  Sorry, these don't all have bases yet as I do those in batches.

Jokaero Weaponsmith

Yeah, the model is kinda lame, but being a metal model still  means I'm not chopping his head off to slap it on a cadian as a conversion.  Keeping with the SWAT/police theme, I need to keep my palette in black, white, blue, and reds.  So, the monkey got blue fur.  What can you do.  I am pretty happy with the eyes which I shaded from red to orange, free handed the pupils and reflections.

I used a cadian like I did for the assassin and added a shield from the thunder hammer blister and a sword from the strike squad sprue.  Check out the blue glow from the sword on the shoulder and feet.

Servitor with plasma cannon
This dude likes to stare into the plasma cells lol.  This is one of the finecast servitors with a plasma cannon from the storm raven kit.

Here's the motley ISWAT team so far.  Still need some bases and to add glow to the assassin.

That's it until next week.

I just want to drop another reminder for DaBoyz GT.  We have 4 weeks left, ~70 players pre-registered (room for 120+), and at least 7 teams for the team event.  Primer missions are up on the 40k GT page so read them, test them out, and prepare yourself for the big show.  Let us know what you think about the missions and how they could be improved.  Don't forget that the best general from the GT earns a spot on America's 2012 ETC team.  We're also featuring an ATC/ETC style team event Friday 10/21 if you can wrangle some friends and come up to Rochester a day early.

GT Website:

DaBoyz Forums for questions and feedback:

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