Friday, September 16, 2011

Grey Knights: DaBoyz GT 2011 Project Army T-5 Weeks

Let me start off by apologizing for a lack of updates.  As we get closer to DaBoyz GT, things just keep getting crazier and crazier.  On top of a shrinking timeline, last week I got the flu for the first time in 5 years, Millennium Games hosted DaBoyz GT Primer, and this week they're hosting a Kill Team lock-in tournament.  I lost a couple painting days when I had the flu so now I'm trying to squeeze 7 hours of painting into each day around work and my pregnant wife.

I finished my 4th terminator (above) and I'm really starting to like the way they're coming out.  The good news is I'm getting more comfortable with the blending and lighting effects.  The bad news is my attention to detail is starting to take more time on each model.  I just have one terminator left with the brotherhood banner (ugh!) and then I will base the whole unit.

I also finished up two more strike knights for the Kill Team lock-in.
This one shows the white to grey shading on the armor plates very well.  I want them to give the impression of black and white resembling police vehicles, but I want them to have heavy shadows because I love my grimdark!  This guy actually has some OSL glow from the force sword across his back.
Something I enjoy about the models and my painting scheme is each knight is holding his weapon in a different position so I get to do glow effects differently on each one.  Here is my Kill Team for this weekend's event fully painted and based on Battle Ready Figs bases (click the pic for a larger version).

So, with 5 weeks left I have 4 more marines, 1 terminator, techmarine, 2 transports, and a bunch of henchmen left to paint and base.  I also need to finish 2 more tables to meet the quota of 6 I volunteered to provide for the GT.  It would be cool if I could make a new display board to match the army, but that may not be realistic at this point.  I also picked up a moonscape set so I have real craters for my explosions and I have a set of flickering LED tea lights I'd love to use if I can paint up some smoke clouds.  I intend to write an article about flickering smoke clouds for wrecks using the LED tea lights.  One of the guys at the ATC last May had them and it brought a whole new level of reality to the table so I decided my GK must have them!

Anyways, thanks for sticking with me during this period of no content on the blog.  I put together a team with some of the local guys for the GT Team Event, so I can promise 9 really nice batreps (3 from the team event, 6 from the GT) in the end of October and into November.


  1. I ended up taking 1st overall with the most battle points and also best painted (player voted).

  2. I really like the OSL - grats on the results!

  3. I really like how you have painted the swords. It's a great contrast - especially versus the white power armor. You'll have a lot of fun with this army for sure.



  4. Thanks guys and yes, I am having tons of fun with this army. No, I'm not running typical GK lists you read about online. No special characters, no riflemen spam. The funny/sad thing is I've won more prizes (both tournament placing and painting) playing my GK for 4 months than over a year's worth of performance with my Nids. So far, I've taken "best imperial" at a 1250pt ToS-style event, 3rd at a 1000pt per player team event, best overall at a kilL team event, and best painted. All with GK.

    Some blame the codex, some blame formats, some claim player skill or a better match in play style.