Friday, August 26, 2011

Grey Knights: DaBoyz GT 2011 Project Army T-8 Weeks

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  I'm literally spending every free minute painting and preparing for DaBoyz GT .  I recently looked over my unpainted models, did some math, and realized I need to finish 3 models per week to get the army done on time.  That's a lot at my pace.  Luckily, the henchmen go a lot faster than the knights with all the white.  I also volunteered to provide 6 tables this year so I need to build 4 more sets of terrain, and I'd like a new display board if that's even possible.

I'm not a fan of batch painting after doing so many tyranids.  I like to paint single models from start to finish now and I tend to get bored easily, so I tend to jump around a lot.  Last week I painted some knights and henchmen so this week I wanted to get some big models out of the way.  I was able to finish my dreadknight and dreadnought.

I'm pretty happy with how they came out.  The large bases I got from Battle Ready Figs are especially nice.
I love the dreadknight model.  It was the first GK I picked up as it was in our prize pile when we took 3rd at the ATC.  That being said, it really doesn't look like the rest of the army.  It's hard to notice until it's standing next to other models, but the design of the armor plates doesn't share any similarities with marines or dreadnoughts.  The only thing tying it in with the rest of the army is the terminator strapped in front and the exhaust pipes in the back.

Here's my obligatory rifleman dread.  It's a comp tournament so this is my only one.
The feet are a little wonky, but I originally assembled it on the GW base with cracked stone.  I wasn't able to break the glue on the ankle joints and reposition them, so I needed to get a little creative when relocating it to the 3rd party base.
After spending 4 days per walker, I'm heading back to infantry models next week.  I also took a small break and started making some terrain.
You probably can't tell, but that's a 2'x3' area (25% of a table) filled with some finished pieces and WIP's.  I hope to write a terrain article or two as I build the tables for the GT.

On a final note, America's ETC team (which took 3rd this year of 24 teams!) announced it will be using DaBoyz GT as a qualifier for one spot on the 2012 team.  Details can be found HERE.  This is especially exciting for me and I'll definitely be bringing my A game this year!

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  1. i like the white that you gave your army, gives a better feel then the red you se on them. super job on this guys :D