Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grey Knights: DaBoyz GT 2011 Project Army T-9 Weeks

Now with bases!

With just over 2 months to go until DaBoyz GT , I still have a long way to go so I need to get serious about the painting grind.  I also volunteered to provide 6 tables worth of terrain this year so I need a week or so at the end to whip that up.  The good news is I hope to get a hobby/terrain article or two out of the process.

This week has already been a busy one with me, finishing 3 new models and basing 10.

Several readers have inquired about the washers I use under my bases.
The small ones fit perfectly on infantry bases and the big ones fit terminator bases.  I also put a big one under my MC/Dreadnought base and several under the large oval.  I find the extra weight helps keep light plastic models on their feet.  I also use a magnetized handle for painting so I can hold the models without putting my fingers on them.

I decided to use BATTLE READY FIGS for my bases.  My concept for the army is (keep an open mind here) ISWAT which is an Inquisitorial Special Weapons and Tactics team (yes, you can lol) on assignment to police a hive city and cleanse it of heretic cults, mutants, and minor daemon incursions.  As such, I wanted a base theme reminiscent of Necromunda.  I decided to go with TECH BASES .

I painted them gold with a heavy black wash, dry brushed them with gold and a mix of gold/white, then stippled them with a mix of brown/red to add the look of rust.  Once the models were on the base, I dry brushed some orange and yellow to add to the OSL effect from the force weapons.  Here are the individual models on the new bases.

Heavy Bolter Servitor

So that's the news for this week.  I need to finish about 4 models per week so that will be consuming most of my free time.  I also need to help play test the GT missions for revision so that means very little tyranid content for the next two months.  I apologize to all my hardcore nid fans, but I know many of you understand that after focusing on one army for over a year, it's nice to have a side project.


  1. Nice work on the Grey Knights =)

    In regards to the washers you use under your bases.

    How do you actually attach the washers to the bases ?

  2. Super glue around the bottom rim of the base is enough to secure it. The only problem (at least where I am) is the extreme temperature changes from summer to winter often cause the washer to pop off as the plastic and metal expand at different rates.

  3. They look great and have a unique look. It's not the same silver on silver with blue weapons everywhere that you see on 99% of GK armies out there. I approve.