Friday, January 7, 2011

Saturday 1/8 Team Tourney

Tim and I are bringing some xeno love to the local team tournament tomorrow.  I'm not sure if I'll batrep or even take pictures yet, I'll have to see how the games flow.  I haven't played more than 3 team games, and what always strikes me is how much slower the games are.  It's probably my inexperience with so few chances to practice as a team.  Either way, I'm not going to compromise the game results by creating more delays via taking lengthy notes or too many pictures.  If the games are moving at a good pace, I'll try and get some batreps done.

Anyways, here's our lists and some theory hammer.

My Half:
Parasite of Mortrex
Ymgarl Genestealers x7
Genestealers x15 + broodlord, scytals
Genestealers x15 + broodlord, scytals
Gargoyles x20 + toxins, adrenals

Tim's Half:
Haemunculi + liquifier
Haemunculi + hex rifle
Trueborn x4 + 4 blasters (liquifier haemi rides here) + venom, 2 splinter cannons
Warriors x10 + dark lance + raider, lance
Warriors x10 + dark lance + raider, flickerfield, lance
Warriors x10 + dark lance + raider, flickerfield, lance
Ravager + night shield, flickerfield, lances

Our concept:  Easy, one half shooting, one half close combat.  Dark eldar do the shooting thing better than tyranids with all those cheap lances and great mobility.  Tim's force will be the anchor with backfield scoring units and long range firepower.  That left assaultyness for me to handle, which is good for nids.  We looked over a ton of options from the tyrant deathstar to tervigon/gant swarms, and genestealer hordes.  We liked this particular shock list best.

I deploy the parasite unit near where I will infiltrate both genestealer units to keep them fearless.  Genestealers infiltrate and ymgarls go dormant.  Now, our opponents face 3 very fast assault units that will hit by turn 2 at the latest.  At that point or soon thereafter, the ymgarls arrive and add to the chaos.  The whole point of our synergy is my units creating intense pressure and disruption, leaving Tim's units to receive less incoming fire and survive to lance stuff into the late game.  Oh yeah, the parasite also spawns ripper swarms to add to the chaos and contest backfield objectives.

I think we will do well in objective games but be weak in killpoint missions.  We did get in one test round against csm + dark eldar.  Pitched battle and annihilation, we went second.  We ended up nearly tabling our opponents in a perfect execution of our plans.  Tim's lances had every rhino opened just in time for all 4 of my units to reach their contents in assault.  The result was 20 csm and 20 dark eldar dropping over two turns and yealding 9 ripper bases to jump in.  The game ended and we had lost 2kp's...

Sounds like a pretty nice combo, no?


  1. Yup, I gave up taking pictures after round 1 and only took 4 that game anyways. We went 2-1 and had a great time.

    Game 1 - vs IG & Nids. 3 objectives and 2 more for the first HQ's to die. Dawn of war and we got first turn.
    Our opponents lists (approx)
    Tyrant + wings, hc
    Hive Guard x2
    Ymgarls x6
    Genestealers x8 + toxins
    Hormagaunts x16 + toxins
    Trygon Prime

    CCS + chimera
    Vets + meltas
    Vets + plasmas
    Hydras x2
    Vendettas x2
    Russ + hvy bolters

    I deployed all 30 genestealers and the PoM attached to one unit. As such, we controlled all objectives from turn 1 which was good. Shooting was brutal with tim's 13 lances against the IG's 6 vehicles. We took out both vendettas top of 2, then lost several skimmers and bugs to the explosions. Nids clashed with nids in CC and I ended up on top after spawning several ripper bases. Tim also took out the trygon with shooting. We ended up winning 1-0 objectives.

    Game 2 - vs Orks. Pretty much our nightmare match and we called it in the beginning. We were on the table with the least cover in a kp mission (very bad for mech DE and bugs without FnP). The guys we paired off against had 22 lootas too lol.

    Warboss + bike, klaw
    12 lootas
    10 lootas
    4 meganobz + 4 combis, trukk
    20 shoota boyz + 2 big shootas, nob w/klaw
    22 slugga boyz + nob, klaw
    28 slugga boyz + nob, klaw
    3 kannonz
    3 killer kanz

    So it's kp and spearhead and we lose the roll. We did a spearhead version of denied flank using the only los blocking terrain (skyshield) and nightshields to minimize loota shots. We started out well taking out ghazkulls trukk and tank shocking a unit of lootas off the board with a raider. They bounced back taking out one skimmer per turn and we traded a couple units of boyz and stealers in cc. At the bottom of t5 we were down 5-6 and I through out the parasite trying a last ditch draw on a single killer kan, but he wiffed and we lost 5-7. Better than I thought we would do. They had way less kp in their lists than us and those 20+ boyz mobs swamp me in cc with ghazkull.

    Game 3- vs Tau & Black Templars.
    Emperor's champion
    Assault Squad
    Tac Squad + rhino
    Tac squad + rhino

    Shas'el + fusion, shield drones, airburst, FnP
    Crisis Team + missile pods, burst cannons, gun drones
    Fire warriors
    Fire warriors
    Pathfinders + devilfish
    Broadsides x3

    Game was vp and pitched battle and we went first. Tim's dice were tired and he rolled six ones in one turn of lance fire. We recovered by just swamping them in bugs and won 1300ish to 900ish.

    It went as well as could be expected. We really didn't have a way to deal with horde orks and lootas, so it was a bad draw pulling them on the board with least cover. Nids and orks took overall with a traditional tervigon/hive guard list with ghazkull allies. The dual ork team that beat us in round 2 took best generals. Chaos daemons also went 3-0. It was my first team tourney and I learned a lot and had a ball.

  2. Sounds like a fun time. I wish I could have made it. I'm going down to the Conflict GT this coming weekend, so I didn't want to leave the family 2 weekends in a row.

    Millennium has been putting on some cool events lately. I have to come up soon.

  3. It's definately worth it IMO. I've been to every Millennium tournament since March '10 and they've always had a big draw and good execution. The fewest I've seen was 16 and they've brought in over 32 players for 3 of their monthly events. Free pizza lunch and great prize support makes it a no brainer for $10.

  4. I just realized that we played the searchlights wrong in the first game. The first vehicle still has to roll for night fight before the search lights kick in. So maybe a Raider or two would have survived. Oh well, it didn't end up mattering.

  5. Doh! I woulda been pissed if we lost that game and then discovered this. Man, a year of playing this game and I still don't have all my codex knowledge down yet. I guess that's what happens when you only play 1 army.

    I figure once I know the game well enough to stop making noob mistakes like that, then I'll really be good hehe.

    I've been mulling over the ork game too. I wonder how it would have went if we played more aggressively. My 3 units screening, all of your turboboosted up first turn. Yeah, they could have killed 2 skimmers with lootas, but would we have been in good enough postion to torrent down the lootas turn 2 and eat the assaults with all my genestealers. I think the Kanz and Ghaz/meganobz would have been too much to handle still, but if we neutralized the lootas, your surviving skimmers would have rained hell.