Friday, January 14, 2011

Hard at work...

I've been working on my second tyrannofex conversion, assembling more raveners, and painting genestealers.  I'm pretty happy with the recent lists and I need to stick with one and get it painted.  It was made very clear at the annual player meeting that you won't win a tournament without a fully painted army, so that needs to be my priority over games for now.  Maybe not priority, but more 50/50 instead of getting games every free second I have.

On a plus note, I've been trying more exaggerated washes and highlights and I like the result.  I feel my previous layering of washes and highlights were too subtle and often missed.  If I stick with the current list formula, I have about 12 genestealers, 6 raveners, and 2 tyrannofexes to paint still and some conversion work to do.  I made one last tweak to my list, but I'm keeping it a secret for now until I test it because it might just be too evil.  I'm hoping the final change and take this list from competitive to being able to table players in a competitive environment.  I think it has that potential if I practice my moves and execution of some list synergies.

There are a couple more things I didn't get done for DaBoyz GT that I want to go back and do also.  I picked up some flying bases and want to make custom psychic power markers with.  I also want to finish my custom objectives of bones and flesh biomass.  I've also been trying to figue out some magnetized wound markers for monstrous creatures and drool/blood/poison ooze with water effects.  I hope to have more conversion, painting, and hobby posts in the near future.

I will return to a more hardcore play schedule after we get back from the honeymoon in March.

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