Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Showcase: Mangler Squigs

     Here are my finished Manglers. There's a few differences from previous WIPs that may not be immediately apparent. Foremost, I had to change the attachment to the bases. The legs of the Manglers felt too weak for the amount of resin they were supporting. There was quite a bit of flex, and I didn't feel that it would hold up in the long run. To remedy this, I sculpted up some tree roots and a large mushroom around 1/16inch brass rods. The rods extend from the base, halfway into the body, giving much more support.
     Check out more views below the fold.

I may have to hit the red squig with a little bit of Matt Varnish. 

     After a fairly hectic few weeks, my schedule is starting to return to normal. You can expect a tutorial on my basing, which may also include a portion on pinning.

Thanks for taking a look.



  1. Nice work. Where did you get the spare base from?

  2. I have so many Tyranids monstrous creatures that I had a few extra. Also, back in the day when before GW moved to charging for bases, I picked up a bunch.

  3. Those things are awesome!!!! cant wait to see them blow up some rats!