Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tyranid Tournament & Hobby Downloads

     Taking a break from our Battle Reports, I thought I’d post up a few game aids that I’ve been using for the last few months. With the introduction of the new psychic powers in 6th ed, I’ve found that my Tyranid lists often have at least a few psykers. Keeping track of who generated what, and what unit has what buff can be quite a chore. Combine this with Warlord traits, and you have quite a few random elements you're generating every game.

Check out my downloads below the fold. 

     Here’s a simple file that I print out on the back side of my army lists. 

     Depending on what load-out your using, you can easily change around the specific characters on the top of each column. I also put a Ymgarl Deployment area at the bottom of the page. Write in where they're deploying, and then fold the paper under.

     My Tyranid lists are usually 1 page long (I don't include all the weapon info, just the list), so this makes a good companion to print on the opposite side.


     In terms of keeping track of all your Biomacy Buffs, I made tokens. These take a little bit more to make. You'll need:
25mm Bases
1 inch round labels
Printer (laser preferred)

     I know that bases can be fairly pricey these days, so you may want to seek out an alternative to the GW plastics. I bought a couple hundred Econobases back when GF9 made them (basic laser cut round bases), but I don't think they produce them anymore. If you know of anyone in the US selling these, drop a note in the comments.

     I purchased 1 inch labels from, in a couple of different paper types. I bought the Standard White Matte and the Weatherproof Polyester Laser. I figured that I'd try out my designs on the Matte, and then make the finals on the Polyester. I also wanted to use heavy duty labels because these tokens will get a lot of use. I bought 2 sheets of each, and to my surprise, when they arrived in the mail I received 6 of each. Win.

     Here's the PDF of the tokens. Print them out on the labels, and you have tokens to keep track of all those spells.
Biomancy Tokens

     These are still a work in progress. I tried using the biomancy image as a background with the black letters, but using them on the table, I don't feel the text pops out enough. Hyv3mynd suggested using Purple as the text color (opposite of green on the color wheel). I think I'll give that a try on the next run.

     Let me know what you think, and feel free to comment if you have a suggestion.

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  1. I like the way you utilized the back of your army list to include psychic powers and warlord traits. I think something like that and the sheet Hvy3mynd uses to track wounds for his DE army make playing in tournies easier. I'll be using some of those ideas for my future army lists.

    Thanks guys!