Friday, January 18, 2013

Chaos Marines Salvage Project

 Here's a glimpse of a project and side of me that only a handful of people have ever seen.  The first army I ever fully collected and built was CSM back from 2nd edition in my college days.  Above are some predators, metal marines, terminators, and a rhino from the army I collected 13 years ago.  The new codex release has rekindled my interest so I decided to approach this project from a new direction:  Build a 6th edition army based around models that I have and store credit/prize support that I've accumulated with as few cash purchases as possible.  This was a fun challenge because it involved using what I already have and resisting what I really want to buy.

I showed you a pic of a possessed marine two weeks ago that I tested a color scheme on.  Here are two more models I've been working on.

 If you missed the first post, the army will be mono-nurgle themed as the "Legion of Maggots".  This theme drives the pale color scheme with the brown heads.  The pics and lighting doesn't do them justice as the rig was hastily assembled, but these guys use every technique I've picked up over the past 13 years.  I start with an airbrushed basecoat of browns, greens, yellows, and white.  Models are covered in gloss varnish, given an oil wash, matte varnished, detailed, and weathered with pigments.  The overall look will be less green and bloated than standard plague builds as they will reflect an army that consumes the dead and dying rather than spreading disease and rot.

Another aspect of the project will be a full unit of custom spawn.  My goal here was to raid my bitz boxes and build the models without purchasing anything.  I also want them to look more dynamic and mutated than the GW models.  I drew my inspiration here from the classic (and remake) movie "The Thing".  He's still a WIP, but getting close.  The mix includes bitz from fantasy ogres, fantasy crypt fiends, fantasy ghouls, venomthropes, raveners, mawloc, and a DE agonizer as a tongue.  I'm super happy with the progress so far and can't wait to get painting.

Here's the list I'm building towards, feel free to discuss.

Lord + MoN, Palanquin of Nurgle, Black Mace, Sigil of Corruption, Melta Bombs, Veteran
Terminators x3 + MoN, combi-plas x3
Possessed x5 + MoN, Rhino
Plague Zombies x30
Plague Zombies x30
Plague Marines x5 + plasma x2, Rhino + havoc launcher, warpfire gargoyles
Spawn x5 + MoN
Predator + hvy bolters, havoc launcher, warpfire gargoyles
Predator + lascannons
Havocs x5 + missile launchers x2, autocannon x1, Rhino + havoc launcher, warpfire gargoyles
Aegis Defense Line + Quad Gun (havocs here)

And a pic my little plague marine (doing his zombie walk), who infected the whole family last week and celebrated his first birthday this week!  That's my wonderful and beautiful wife in the background who's endured two surgical procedures in the past year and is still recovering.  Thanks to all who's followed her progress and wished us well.


  1. I really like how the list looks like, very unlike all the other chaos armies i've played against ;) btw, a cute little nurgling in the last picture there:)

  2. Those possessed look very nice, as is the spawn conversion. I look forward to facing that Chaos list some day.

    All the best to you and yours.

  3. some excellent salvage work here mate!
    kudos on that, im especially a fan of the old razorbacks!

    How do you feel about joining our blog group at:

    Be good to see you there!