Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sneak Peek Week

Well my endeavor to repaint 1,000pts worth of Nids continues this week.  We also played a 2v2 game last night which ended up being Nids and Necrons vs Orks and Guard.  The full batrep, tournament reports, and hobby articles won't get published until next week as I'm pushing harder than ever to get the Nids finished.  1,000pts painted in 3 weeks will be my most ambitious project to date.  The good news for bug fans is our local tournament schedule is changing and it's looking like I will be taking them out two more times for a 1,500pt Throne of Skulls style event net month and possibly a 1,250pt lock in as well.  My webway based Dark Eldar just don't scale down well and there's too much anti-GK vitriol.

Anyways, here's some sneak peaks of the current projects.

Here's my 1,000pt force base coated.  With only 15 models, no tervigons, genestealers, or hive tyrant, it's completely different than anything I've ever played.  At least it plays really fast hah.

I'm also going a totally new direction with the bases, sorry Ikterus hah.  The colors are so bright that all my other basing ideas were looking too dark.  Instead, I'm going with an arctic glacier/snow/ice theme that will also be very bright.  It's a totally different feel than my other armies, but also a much needed change so I don't burn out on painting and basing.

The bases are airbrushed and covered in water effects.  Once they've dried I will add some broken ice chunks and snow.  With only 5 days left, I'm kinda winging it so I hope they come out well.  Here's my inspiration.

Anyways, there's your sneak peaks for the week.  Full articles will follow net week.


  1. It's nice to see you posting again. I hardly have enough hobby time already, I fear what child birth will do to my time.

  2. I love the look of the Nids and those bases will look great!

    By the way, how do you do the bone color on the carapace? I'm doing my Necrons with a bone base, and I'd like to use my airbrush on the vehicles, but I am having a tough time getting Bleached Bone to behave. It either comes out too thin and spiders all over, or it doesn't come out at all.

  3. @ Gigawatts ~ Yeah, I definitely have a lot less time to paint and such. However, I'm also saving a ton of time with the new airbrush and using washes for shading. I bet my productivity has actually increased even with less time.

    @ Rkik ~ I use folk art paints, but the colors I use are ivory white, then tapioca, then honecomb. I'm actually working on a tutorial so stay tuned for that if you want to see the steps. If your paint is spidering it's too watered down or you have too much air pressure. If it's not coming out at all, too thick or not enough pressure. I use about 18-20 psi and water my paint down to about the consistency of heavy cream if that helps.

  4. Interesting that you mention Folk Art. I've actually had good luck with the Folk Art turquoise with my airbrush for a different project. I may have to acquire some ivory and tapioca and give it a whirl.

  5. They are looking great! The bases are a very cool concept, I hope you get them done and they turn out as you like.

    Wish I was attending this month's tourney, it really seemed like a fun set up.

  6. You might have posted this before hyv3mynd but what airbrush and compressor do you use? Models look totally ace by the way, I now stalk your blog!

  7. Thanks for the kind words guys.

    @ POK ~ Too bad you won't make it Saturday, it should be really fun. I'm hoping the random partering will take the competitive edge off and people will bring more fun stuff they don't use every week. This will be my first time using fexes and warriors since 2010 and it's been refreshing for me.

    @ VulcanDrake ~ I use the Badger Anthem 155-7 airbrush :

    and a Central Pneumatic compressor:

    Nothing special or fancy. Just enough to get the job done. It's more important to master paint consistency and air pressure IMO.

    Welcome as a blog stalker. The airbrushing on my Nids isn't anything special as I'm trying to do this lot in under a month. If you want to see the good stuff, you gotta stalk back to the Dark Eldar content.

  8. Cheers for the links bud! Just researching airbrushes at the minute, thinking of picking one up but it's quite a large investment for me! I'm gonna do a Dark Eldar army over the summer- couldn't decide between GK and DE, but what tipped it for me was people really seem to be hating on the GK which is a shame 'cos they're mega cool- I just didn't want to be 'that guy' if you know what I mean? But I find the DE model range sweet as, which is first consideration for me when picking an army

    Already seen all the Dark Eldar stuff- looks great! Especially that venom, can't believe you blended just 4 colours for that kind of effect... Those articles are what inspired me to first start looking at airbrushing haha.

    Basically, I was hoping if I could be cheeky and ask for general advice on airbrushes. Really, I can't spend more than 70/80 quid on the brush and compressor (about 130 US dollars) and was wondering if you could recommend anything in that price range?

    And do you have any general tips for someone just starting airbrushing, as I know you didn't start that long ago, but seem to have the techniques nailed already...

    Much appreciated my friend!

  9. Hah!

    Kudos on finding your own ideas for bases! I'm just happy that you listen to my suggestions. Maybe if I continue my ranting you'll one day realise the dignitude of the eternal wisdom I offer you. :)

    The ice bases look wonderful! I hope that you'll build a display board when you get the time. I see some big chunks of glass and rock formations.

    BTW the ability to quickly produce big armies that are good looking and completely painted can not be over rated. We still see to many armies of "shameful grey". Your nids look great, and the fact that you spend less and less time on them is a big plus in my book as it means that you'll produce many of them and thus continue to inspire.