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May Tournament: Game #2

This month's tournament at Millennium Games was a team event, but partners would be randomly paired each round.  The first game would be a true random pairing, then one random player from the winner pool and one from the loosing pool for following games.  Each player could bring 1,000pts with a smaller force org.  Special characters were banned and non troop units were 0-1 to prevent spam and encourage some different unit selections.

This round I was paired with Andy and his guard against guard and orks.  Only 10 people came out for this event, so due to the random pairing process and the fact that 4 people are playing on each table, we would be facing the same opponent at least once.  This game had 5 objectives (supposed to be 3 but we misheard the announcement) and spearhead deployment. 

My list:
Tyranid Prime + boneswords, regen
Hive Guard x3
Warriors x3 + boneswords, toxin sacs, barbed strangler
Warriors x3 + deathspitters (2), barbed strangler
Warriors x3 + deathspitters (2), barbed strangler
Carnifex x2 + devourers (2 each) (prime joins here)

Andy's list:
Primaris Psyker
Vets x10 + flamers x3, demo charge, shotguns
Vets x10 + grenade launchers x3, chimera (psyker here)
Valkyrie (flamer vets here)
Hellhound + multimelta
Leman Russ Punishers x2 + lascannons


Primaris Psyker
Ratling Snipers x7
Vets x10 + melta x3, melta bombs (psyker here)
Valkyrie (vets here)
Leman Russ Demolishers x2
Basilisks x2

Warboss + eavy armor, klaw, pole
Tankbusters x10 + 2 tankhammers
Boyz x30 + big shootas, nob, klaw, pole
Boyz x20 + rokkits (warboss here)
Boyz x20 + big shootas, nob, klaw, pole
Warbuggies x3 + rokkits
Battlewagon + kannon

You notice the similarity in the guard lists?  Interestingly enough, our opponents won the roll to go first and gave it to us.  So 3 objectives go along the center and two go on the right flank, one in ruins by our edge one in ruins by theirs.

I didn't take a pic of our deployment for some reason.  I stacked 2 units of warriors in the ruin on our objective so if he bombards me with the bassies, he can only hit 1 warrior at a time.  Russes go dead center screening my hive guard and bonesword warriors.  Hellhound and valkyrie go left of center.

Here's our opponent's deployment.  Two squads of 20 boyz are in reserve.  Ratlings infiltrate into the ruin off to the right.  Our valk scouts to within 12" of the battlewagon and russes.  Theirs scouts to within 12" of our hellhound.

And so the game begins with our melta bomb vets disembarking and moving 6" up to the demolishers and battlewagon.  Punishers move up towards their table edge to get LoS on ratlings.  Hellhound moves across the left flank with the carnifexes behind.

Hive guard explode their valk and the carnifexes dakka down the squad.  Barbed stranglers also ound the crater and only the primaris and one melta vet survive.  Punishers wail on the ratlings who go to ground.  Several die but they pass morale.  Our vets multi-assault the battlewagon and demolishers and explode all 3.  Casualties from the explosions are high on both sides.

Boyz and buggies move up.  Psykers breaks away from the lone melta vet who goes to stand next to the hellhound.

The lone melta vet wrecks the hellhound.  Basilisks try to pound the punishers, but only get 1 stun and a wound on the hive guard.  Boyz massacre our surviving vets in the middle.

Now turn 2, our valk shifts to see the ratlings.  Punishers turn to face this big mob of boyz.  Carnifexes advance.

Hive guard wreck all 3 buggies.  Valk wiffs against the surviving ratlings.  Warriors shoot down the primaris psyker.  Dakkafexes and one punisher bang on the boyz and kill a bunch.

Our opponents get one unit of boyz which arrive in the far right corner behind the ruin and towards the objective.  Surviving boyz in the middle head for the fexes.  Lone melta vet comes around for a shot also.

 Fexes take a few wounds from combined shooting.  I lose one bonesword warrior right next to them to a basilisk round.  The other basilisk shell wrecks a punisher.  Boyz that just arrive wiff.  Ratlings put a wound on the hive guard to try and pin them since they are now out of synapse, but I pass my test.  Valk gets shaken by rokkits.  Boyz assault fexes and the melta vet jumps in to prevent my prime from putting wounds on orks.  The boyz do enough wounds combined with the klaw to kill both fexes while I drop several boyz in return.  The prime ends up locked with a few boyz.

We bring our valk back for a cover save.  The chimera that has been sitting and waiting moves up closer to the right corner objective.  Warriors in the middle went to ground last turn so won't be able to save the prime.

 Shooting kills a few boyz from the back right corner.  In assault, the prime knocks the boyz down to 2, but the nob finishes him.

2 boyz in the middle move over to my warriors.  Tankbusters come up for a shot.  Boyz in the back corner duck into the ruin with the surviving ratlings.

 Boyz assault warriors in the middle but get cut down before they can swing.

It's now the top of turn 4 so we need to start moving for objectives.  The chimera packs itself on the objective in the upper right.  One unit of warriors starts coming out of our ruin towards the objective in the center of our quarter.  The bonesword warriors head for the objective in the center of the table.

Shooting finishes the tankbusters and ratlings.

The last reserved unit of boyz arrives.

Rokkits blow the turret off the chimera and shake it.  Basilisks wiff.  Boyz assault the last punisher and tear the turret off.

I move up my hive guard to try and roadblock the boyz.  Our primaris psyker jumps out to try and kill the last 3 boyz on the right.  Warriors continue to struggle through terrain to reach the objective.

Our valk drops a handful of the boyz.  The psyker wiffs his psychic test.  I assault with the hive guard (they passes instinctive this turn being out of synapse).  They succeed in holding the boyz in place.  Warriors in our quarter run.  The primaris psyker assaults boyz and they lock.

Now the bottom of 5, this could be the end.  Basilisks shoot down the valk.  The psyker beats the boyz in combat and runs them off.  My hive guard continue to hold the boyz.  We roll for the end and it goes on.

Not many units left at this point so things are moving quickly.  I move warriors up onto the objective. 

Orks finish off the hive guard and head for the objective under the chimera (still holding vets).  Basilisks kill another warrior but I still have one left on the objective.  Orks wreck the chimera and succeed in contesting that objective.

We roll and the game ends.  Andy and I hold objectives 2-0.  With 2 solid wins and several bonus points, I head to table #1 to face off against Courtney, who was my partner in game #1.  So stay tuned for Nids and Necrons vs Grek Knights and Chaos Marines!

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