Friday, March 18, 2011

Splinter Fleet Colossus Marches to War!

Tomorrow night is the Last Man Standing lock-in event at Millennium Games here in Rochester.  It will also be my first game(s) in over a month, and with 4 players per table (free for all), should be very interesting...

So I decided on my final list for the following reasons:
1. It has resilient units
2. It has infiltrators (almost all my lists do nowadays for deployment shenanigans)
3. It has stong CC via horde and deathstar
4. It had shooting diversity including str8, str10, large blast, and flamer

*Disclaimer*  This is not what I consider to be a balanced all-comers list.  It is tailored to perform in this free-for-all format.  It probably wouldn't do very well in a 1 on 1 game.

The list (1250):
Tyrant + scytals x2, old adversary, armored shell, regen, implant attack, toxins, paroxysm, leech
Tyrant Guard x3 + lash whips
Tyranid Prime + boneswords, regen
Hive Guard x2
Genestealers x20
Rippers x3
Tyrannofex + rupture cannon, cluster spines, desiccator swarm

So I was able to get everything to WYSISYG by magnetizing the tyrant.  Sorry, the whole thing isn't fully painted or based yet, but I'm working on my 2k competitive models and the deathstar didn't make the cut for this.

I was able to give the tyrant a new paint job incorporating the metallic purple highlighting I used on the genestealers.  I call this tyrant loadout the "kingslayer".
I know his wargear may be confusing.  Let me explain.  Dual scytals so he can reroll misses against transports.  Old adversary to give rerolls to his deathstar.

Implant attack provides insta-kills (HQ kills and KP's two of the 3 objectives).  Toxin sacs give me rerolled wounds for more insta-kills via implant attack.  So for just the tyrant, that's rerolled attacks, rerolled wounds, power weapon (MC) and instant death on 6's.
Added to the deathstar with the prime, that's 3 wound pools against shooting with 2+ on the tyrant, 3+ on the others, and 4+ cover (behind infiltrated genestealers).  Tyrant takes the first couple wounds, then the prime gets 1 so they can start the regen rolls.  The tyrant can also regain wounds via leech essence.  The guards all have whips to knock down high init enemies.
So the army deploys in a blob sharing cover form the tfex and deathstar.  Genestealers infiltrate to take advantage of any opportunities and string back to cover the deathstar and benefit from preferred enemy.  I plow to the middle objective and hope the resilience keeps me alive.  Hopefully getting tied up in CC ASAP can save me from some shooting also.

I hope to take pictures and batrep the event.  With me luck!


  1. Best of luck man... sounds like this event is going to be a bloody mess. Bring back some more bio-matter for the fleet. >;0)


  2. Best of luck. I look forward to seeing how it performs.

  3. You have a devious and devilish mind, sir. That list is tailored very well. Heh.
    Best of luck!
    Go forth, and garner biomass for the Hive Mind, Hyv3mynd.....

  4. Oh, the Tyrant is very handsome, btw...

  5. Best of luck - really liking the tyrant too; novel loadout =)